The Glass That Makes Your Malbec Taste Better

Could a glass really be the answer to a better wine experience?

Guacho’s Wine Director Phil Crozier, is to launch a new specially designed glass to enhance the flavour of their robust, silky Argentine Malbec.

Phil says; “Over the years we have tried to get the best out of Malbec with trying different glass sizes and shapes. When tasting from an established glass, it occurred to me that we can get the best from the aromatics and texture by delivering the wine in a shape that accentuates both texture and aromatics. This glass shape was an evolution of that. I think of it more as an amplifier for these characteristics.”


Guacho’s passion for wines of Argentina is second to none, with over 150 wines on offer to restaurant customers. The diversity of these wines in terms of style and Terroir is breathtaking.

Guacho’s Wine Boutique, Cavas de Gaucho on Swallow St, Piccadilly holds a wine list reflecting the regional diversity covering an area of 2000 km, from Salta in the North through to Patagonia in the South.

Argentina is a land of extremes, being home to the world’s highest vineyards and one of the most southerly wine producing territories in the world. This unique blend of factors provides the platform for some of the most exciting and interesting wines available, in that they have genuine character.

As day turns into night, the boutique is available for ‘specialist’ wine dinners and events. Guacho’s offer a completely bespoke Argentine wine and food experience. For more information please click here. 



Story Source and Gaucho’s October News 

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