As a nation, we made the most of staycations this summer, with garden gatherings, BBQs and evenings in the sunshine. With a selection of delicious and convenient ready to drink cans, plus tasty ‘on the go’ food options lining the shops, the picnic possibilities are practically endless.

Food and drink expert, AbbieMoulton, curator of some of the finest drinks lists across London, has shared her ultimate crisps and ready to drink cans pairing guide, that’s sure to help enhance any picnic game.

Abbie says, “This year we’re all getting used to ‘the new normal’ and spending more time closer to home. As a drinks writer, I’ve been looking for those products that are easy to purchase, consume, and work well for outdoor moments in the sun. Crisps and cans are my go-to picnic staple as they are so easy and convenient. I’ve also seen a surge in popularity of cocktails in cans and see them becoming THE hot new picnic addition, as modelled by a certain celebrity and his chain…”

Read on for the best combinations for the perfect picnic to end the great British summer. Why can’t even the simplest of picnics be an epicurean affair with perfect pairings?

Smirnoff Seltzer Orange & Grapefruit and Raspberry & Rhubarb

NEW Smirnoff Seltzers blend Smirnoff No.21 Premium Vodka with sparkling water and natural fruit flavours: either orange and grapefruit or raspberry and rhubarb.

Perfectly paired with… vegetable crisps such as parsnip, beetroot and carrot crisps which are naturally dried and salty, which will work well with the natural fruit flavours in Smirnoff Seltzers.

Pimm’s No.1 with Lemonade

If there’s one drink that captures the spirit of British summer time, it’s Pimm’s. This quintessential picnic favourite has just the right balance of a fruity flavour taste with a combination of herbal botanicals, caramelised orange and warm spices. Pimm’s No.1 with lemonade deserves a snack that’s equally sophisticated, with a delicious complimentary flavour.

Perfectly paired with…crisps with a bold flavour, such asprawn cocktail. The spice and hint of sweetness in this flavour will complement the flavours of Pimm’s.

Tanqueray Gin & Tonic

Elegant and smooth with a fresh citrus finish, there’s a reason why Tanqueray Gin is popular with cocktail experts. Now available expertly mixed in miniature glass bottles, you can enjoy a G&T that tastes just like you’re sitting at your favourite cocktail bar, on the go! The best crisp pairing will be bold enough to enhance the classic gin flavours, and elegant enough to lift the juniper freshness, without overpowering it…

Perfectly paired with… crisps which have a full-bodied taste and robust aromas such as cracked black pepper, to entwine with the juniper notes for a pairing that has style andsubstance.

Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin & Tonic

Enjoy the sunshine with the effervescent berry flavours of Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin & Tonic. Premixed to perfection, the distinctive taste of Gordon’s mixes with the natural sweetness of raspberries and strawberries for a great drink pairing for an afternoon picnic. The ideal crisps flavour matches the drink’s vibrant tastes, and captures the spirit of the sunshine.

Perfectly paired with… sweet chilliflavoursome crisps, which are sweet yet boast satisfying heat that works wonders with the berry notes.

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold & Cola

The mix of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold & Cola is now available in a can, to be enjoyed at any picnic. The ultimate crisp pairing should be something bold, perhaps with smoked flavours.

Perfectly paired with… crisps which are packed with a delicious savoury flavour, such as flame grilled steak. This will match the subtle spice of rum and caramel notes of cola, for that sizzling summer combo of salty and sweet.

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