The hair loss solutions you might not have thought of

When we start to experience hair loss, we often think that there is no simple solution to help us. However, as more and more people in the public eye admit to getting a helping hand to cure baldness, the number of hair loss solutions available on the mass market is increasing. Below, we explore natural and cosmetic hair loss solutions you probably haven’t heard about.

Direct hair implants with the choi implanter pen

The choi implanter pen offers patients who have experienced varying levels of hair loss a quick but effective solution. The choi implanter pen uses direct hair implantation to implant hair into the scalp to provide long lasting results.

The pen allows for very accurate and direct hair implantation. This means that the hair follicle is left outside of the scalp for a very minimal time; preserving the health of it. As the pen allows for such precise treatment, the hair regrowth will occur at the same rate as natural hair regrowth. This will create a very natural hair growth pattern, to provide you with an indistinguishably natural head of hair.

The technique leaves very minimal scarring and is the perfect option if you are looking for accurate results with a high success rate.

Visit your GP

Although the majority of pattern baldness isn’t a cause for medical concern, your GP may be able to offer some advice to point you in the right direction of a solution. Sometimes, an unexpected or early onset of hair loss can be caused by an underlying medical issue. Hormonal imbalances can cause hair loss and can often be treated easily with medication.

Scalp massages

Just like our skin has a life cycle, so do our hair follicles. We naturally shed between 50-150 hairs every single day, as each hair ends the life cycle. In a normal pattern of hair growth, new hairs immediately begin to grow in the hair follicle again to replace the lost hair. Baldness occurs when the hair sheds at an accelerated rate and no new growth appears. This is often because of problems with the hair follicle.

A natural remedy that attempts to stimulate hair growth is a scalp massage. To perform a scalp massage use a pure essential oil such as olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil and gently massage it onto the scalp. Take special care to ensure you cover the scalp and keep a shower cap on for an hour or overnight.

Quit smoking

The NHS confirms that there is a direct link between smoking and male pattern baldness. It is suspected that one of the reasons for this is that smoking reduces blood circulation and can prevent blood from getting to the hair follicle. If you are a smoker and experiencing hair loss, quitting could help prevent further hair loss.

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