The Hero Facial That Makes Your Skin A Breeze!

Congested, polluted city air can cause havoc with our skin and result in all sorts of problems – spot breakouts, dull texture, dark spots – sound familiar? Well now, there’s a facial to combat all these skin issues and many more which is becoming a hit with the celebs!

The Skinbreeze is a ‘hero’ for all skin types especially the congested London skin. In fact you don’t even have to have problematic skin to have a Skinbreeze treatment as Skinbreeze benefits all! It is a facial that is a multifunctional beauty treatment that offers five technologies in one system and combines LED light therapy with anorbital microdermabrasion skin resurfacing hand piece with new 03 ozone technology that tightens the skin and reduces acne/blemishes. So no more spending the pounds on many different treatments for different problems when you can have one that sorts out the most common skin issues – all within a short hour!



Skinbreeze is the most effective treatment to counter the effects of sun damage and is a combined therapy of (crystal-free) microdermabrasion, LED light-therapy and the high pressure 02 infusion of a unique topical serums containing neuropeptides and hyaluronic acid that helps to bind moisture deep down into the skin and holds 1,000 times its weight in water, providing a highly intensive hydration boost to skin and is perfect for dehydrated and sun damaged skin.

The LED used can be altered depending on whether clients are seeking to repair wounds and stimulate collagen (using the red light) or tackle acne and calm the skin (using the blue light) or both can be used to alleviate both issues.

Celeb fans include Spencer Matthews, Binky Felstead, Kristina Rihanoff, Louise Thompson and Roxanne Pallett.


Skinbreeze on trial – we sent our beauty editor Scarlett to the Premier Laser Clinic in Soho, London to try out the Skinbreeze facial and here’s what she thought…

“I’d never had a facial before, (weird coming from a beauty aficionado, I know!) purely because I’d never felt the need to. My skin has not really been problematic with breakouts or uneven texture so the thought of having a facial had never really occurred until I was offered to try the Skinbreeze treatment, an all-round treatment for every skin type and every age. So after turning a quarter of a century older this week (eakkk!), I decided now was probably the time to start looking after my skin a little more and attempt to turn back the years.

The Premier Laser Clinic I went to for my treatment was exactly as a skin clinic should be (in my opinion), white and clean and sterile. More professional and far removed from the  beauty parlours and salons I’ve been in and when you’re using such hi-tech, scary looking equipment on delicate skin, you want to feel like these people know what they’re doing (the clinic also has doctors who inject botox and fillers etc).

The treatment itself is exactly how I thought it would be when I heard words such as microdermabrasion and LED light therapy involved, although this microdermabrasion version is without the crystals other facials use so much kinder to the skin. There’s a lot of different machines and probes used on the skin one after another, with serums and masks to hydrate the skin massaged in, inbetween. The best part was after the microdermabrasion, hyaluronic acid serum is smoothed into the open pores of the skin and a small air jet is used to push the serum deep into the layers of the dermis. You can actually feel this happening and afterwards, my skin felt so pumped up and bouncy, like what I imagine it would feel like with fillers (but without the pain or poison).

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After my Skinbreeze treatment

Overall, my skin looked super glowy and dewy after the treatment and definitely felt like a younger, bouncier, fresh skin. Alth0ugh after a couple of hours, this affect tended to wear off so maybe only short term ‘youthfulness’ before a night out is what this facial could be good for. Also, I do think this facial would be best for problematic skin. I know its for every skin type but better results would be seen for sure on someone with blemish prone, oily skin as it did tighten my already minute pores and dried out some shine-prone areas and over many times of having the facial, Im sure the results would be quite dramatic.

A great treatment for those who love facials and have problematic, clogged up skin. A bonus is that it lasts just an hour – a benefit for those with busy schedules, and want an all round facial to clear many skin issues.”

The Skinbreeze facial treatment is available nationwide and now at The Premier Laser Clinic in Soho on Shaftesbury Avenue.

Skinbreeze facials are priced from £90 depending on the area and are available nationwide.

Tel: 0845 208 0220

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