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The History of the Best Adjustable Bed Bases 

Most people thought adjustable bed bases are recent inventions in the market.

Most people thought adjustable bed bases are recent inventions in the market. But did you know that these comforting beds date back to the early 19th century? The very first patented movable frame was recorded in Cincinnati, Ohio, by Andrew Wuest and Son, a mattress company in the late 1800s. With that, let’s take a trip down memory lane and understand the exciting history of the best adjustable bed bases that we know of today.

The beginning (1874-1900s)

During this time, the first movable bed frame was introduced. The 1800s version patented by Andrew Wuest and Sons was a bed with a simple head securely hinged on keeping it elevated. It wasn’t until a few decades later when the very first adjustable bed frames were introduced, the very modern frames that we have today.

In the early parts of 1900, Dr. Willis Dew Gatch realized the challenges patients face from lying flat on the bed following surgery. When one is in that position, it would be so hard for the patient to move, and this can compromise the healing of the wounds. In 1909, Dr. Gatch had this idea to create a bed system that allows patients to sit up, rest, and adequately drain all the surgical lacerations.

The Gatch bed, named after Dr. Gatch himself, was eventually made as to the basis for all the coming adjustable bed frames. The bed is separated into three sections. Each section can be position as required by a patient. Come WWII; the bed was utilized by hurt soldiers for their healing. Because of the comfort of the bed, the healing process of the soldiers is addressed accordingly.

After some time, Gatch’s bed was made the standard for a fully electric hospital bed. These beds remain patented, although more features and enhancements were added to address the specific needs of the hospital.

The Fowler Position

Named after its founder Dr. George Ryerson Fowler, this position allows the bed’s headrest to be tilted to a 90-degree right angle position. Such an angle enables patients to breathe and groom easily. Years later, the bed was enhanced and added more features like side rails, wheels, CPR function position, and exit alarm.

In 1974 people started to realize that bedrooms should not only be for sleeping, but for entertainment activities such as watching TV. Sleeping beds became entertainment places for watching TV, reading, and even just spending quality time. Thus, a company called the Craftmatic Adjustable Bed introduced adjustable beds designed for home use. These home beds eventually made it easier for people recovering from surgeries, and the elderly obtain the same needs and comfort that hospital beds provide.

In the later part of the 21st century, the bed industry welcomed more technological advances. Memory foam mattresses were introduced. Because of its comfort and cooling capabilities, these mattresses became the beddings of choice for many. Over time, the adjustable bed frames make the best platforms for these mattresses.

Today, the adjustable bed frames became more popular as the best partner for the ever-popular memory foam mattress. Companies are creating structures that are not only very functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The more modern bases today also added exciting features for lifestyle enhancements, like the electronic remote control.

Bed frames and bases have truly revolutionized over the years. With so many features added and so many options you can choose from, relaxation has never been this comfortable and luxurious.