The Hottest Nail Trends Right Now

Over the past couple of years beauty has seen a huge growth and is in popular demand. From nails, lashes and brows to cosmetic surgery and laser treatment. The 21st century has taken beauty to another level. Nail artists are going above and beyond to create unique, flamboyant and stunning nail designs. They are willing to try anything. You name it, they will give it their best shot.  If you’re wanting to make some money there’s only one way to do it – find your way into the beauty industry.

Colour Block

Designed with multi shades and patterns suited nicely with gems and glitter.



You can even personalise your own nails now letting the world know who you are and who these fierce nails belong too.

Diamante embellished

These nails scream “Diva!” if Cardi B were a nail design this would be it. Full of bling and sass. You can never have too many diamonds.


This pretty pink set has a range of holographic following the unicorn trend. Accompanied with floral and marble designs – dreamy.


Not too sure whether to go natural or colour? Ombre has the best of both worlds.

Glow Up

Glow in the dark nails is what everyone needs to go raving forget the glow sticks it’s about the neon glow in the dark nails.


Nail artists are now creating brands such as YSL, Chanel and the classic Mulberry for those with expensive taste.







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