The Hottest Trends for Bridal Bouquets

Trends for bridal bouquets have changed over the years. [...]

Trends for bridal bouquets have changed over the years. Some flowers, like carnations and roses, have long been a staple of bouquets, while other flowers are just starting to show up in bouquets. Read on to learn more about the types of bouquets you’re most likely to see at weddings. 

Sustainable Bouquets 

Sustainability is something that’s important to many brides. That’s why it’s becoming more common to see bouquets that include dried or repurposed flowers. These bouquets are a perfect fit for rustic weddings, and they’re also an excellent option for a bride that wants a bouquet that feels unique. 

Another great reason for brides to opt for sustainable bouquets is that they tend to be more affordable! Since fresh flowers can be expensive, this is a wonderful way to get a beautiful bouquet for less. 


Flowers are a staple of wedding bouquets, but not all brides are choosing to carry flowers. Bouquets that primarily consist of greenery are becoming more common. These types of bouquets are particularly popular with brides looking for bouquets in a rustic style. Some bouquets exclusively consist of greenery, while others still contain some flowers. 

Tropical Bouquets 

It’s becoming very common to see bouquets that include some tropical flowers, such as orchids. Typically, these bouquets don’t exclusively include tropical flowers. Instead, these flowers are being mixed into more standard bridal bouquets. 

These flowers can make a bouquet more visually interesting. They can be a wonderful way to add a pop of color to a simple bouquet. Brides that are fans of tropical flowers should consider including those kinds of flowers in their bouquet. 

Bouquets With Bold Colors 

While many bouquets are comprised of flowers in neutral tones, it’s becoming more common to see bouquets that include bright and bold colors, such as jewel tones. Bouquets with these kinds of colors can be very eye-catching. 

From deep purples to bright blues, you can find flowers in many standout shades. It’s becoming more common for brides to choose bright wedding colors, which is why these kinds of bouquets have surged in popularity. 

Simple Bouquets 

Minimalism has been on trend for quite some time now, and that trend extends to bridal bouquets. While it’s not unusual to see lavish bouquets at weddings, a lot of brides prefer to carry a bouquet with a simpler design. As an example, many brides choose to carry a bouquet that only includes one flower in a single color. 

Bohemian Bouquets 

Not all brides want to keep it simple! It’s also very common to see bouquets that are inspired by Bohemian decor. These bouquets often include many different types of flowers, and they may feature unusual color combinations as well. If you’re interested in a statement bouquet, this could be an excellent option. 

There are many different trends in bridal bouquets right now, which means you’ll see brides carrying all kinds of bouquets at weddings. From traditional bouquets to bouquets that feel very modern, today’s brides have all kinds of choices available to them.

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