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The Importance Of Checking In On Your Friends

The Importance Of Checking In On Your Friends

Over the past year, mental health challenges have been huge for lots of people.

August 12th, 2021

Over the past year, mental health challenges have been huge for lots of people. The pandemic has contributed to a rise in poor mental health due to things such as loneliness and the loss of loved ones. We’ve all handled lockdowns and quarantining in different ways of course, but we should recognise that even those we wouldn’t expect to struggle may have still had a tough time. Checking in on friends even as the pandemic is easing is so important to ensure the wellness and positive mental health of the people we care about. Here are some ways you can show that you care and the benefits of reaching out.

Why Checking In Is A Good Thing
It might seem obvious but most people appreciate when they’re shown that others care about them. We’ve all experienced bad days and for some, they can become far too regular. It can be incredibly difficult to admit when things are becoming too much to handle, and sometimes you don’t notice until it’s become overwhelming. It’s not always easy to spot the signs of poor mental health either and there are plenty of people that are skilled in masking their innermost feelings in fear of having to open up or admit they’re not doing well. Reaching out may not always be easy but accepting help from our friends can help to alleviate some of the pressure. Checking in on your friends in private, away from large groups, can be a great way of offering a lifeline and you’ll find that people’s willingness to ask for help will be much higher afterwards.

Show Someone You Care
Poor mental health is commonly entwined with feelings of isolation and being alone. There’s not much worse in the world than thinking nobody cares about you, and this sadly happens all too often. Surprising a loved one with a random gift or even just a card can have such a dramatic impact on them and could be the difference between having a great day or a low one. Find an online service that allows you to send a gift such as giftdelivery.co.uk. Sending gift boxes as a sort of care-package is a wonderful way to brighten someone’s day.

Take Things Seriously
It can be easy to try to make light of a situation, especially if you consider yourself to be the awkward type. Whether you’re just not great at talking through other people’s problems or you feel like making someone laugh is the best way to help, it’s important to try to refrain from changing the tone of a conversation that has been set by the person reaching out. There’s a strong chance that doing this could make them retreat away from the topic and think twice about trying again at a later date.

Respect Their Privacy
The fact that someone has chosen to open up to you is a serious matter and one that should be valued. Avoid oversharing their problems with anyone else—if they’ve confided in you, then respect that and their privacy. Offer the best support you can and show that you’re conscious of what they’re telling you, but if the matter appears to be more serious than you first thought, think about what you can do to encourage your friend to seek professional help as opposed to going behind their back, no matter how good your intentions. This would be a betrayal of trust and could lead to further problems for them.



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