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The Impressive Casino Buildings that Take One’s Breath Away

The Impressive Casino Buildings that Take One’s Breath Away

Casinos often conjure images of suave men in tuxedos drinking vodka martinis or seedy dives where gangsters make plans.

October 28th, 2019

Casinos often conjure images of suave men in tuxedos drinking vodka martinis or seedy dives where gangsters make plans. Rarely, are they shown for their architectural prowess despite some of the buildings featuring truly remarkable architecture.

The more lavish affairs tend to be some of the most expensive real estate in the world. It is interesting that online casinos such as bestcasino.com/us/, are trying to emulate the ‘real feel’ of casinos. No doubt they are inspired by the architecture of some the most famous casinos in the world. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the most impressive buildings where the game of chance is played.

Wynn Las Vegas

Since the Wynn Las Vegas opened in 2005, it has attracted millions of visitors a year from all over the world. The curved shape of the building fits into the Vegas setting well and its darker colour hints at elegance. The aesthetics also hint at corporate efficiency, and it wouldn’t look out of place as the corporate HQ of a giant tech company in Silicon Valley.

Inside you’ll find 4,750 rooms, almost 190,000 square feet of gaming space, exhibitions, hotels, and restaurants. The project continues to expand as more construction is needed to accommodate retail outlets. With the hotel and restaurants winning awards for their outstanding service and dishes, no doubt the shopping here will be high end.

This is the biggest casino resort in the world, and according to Steve Wynn it was one of the most ‘fun projects’.

Marina Bay Sands

Towering over Singapore is Marina Bay Sands Resort. The famous SkyTower looks very futuristic and wouldn’t look out of place in Star Trek. The building consists of three skyscrapers propping up the famous infinity pool that gives spectacular views of the city.

The resort offers 160,000 square feet of gaming space where you can try your luck James Bond style. The hotel features art exhibitions, acres of retail space, restaurants, and bars. It cost just under $5.4bn dollars to complete and covers over 2m square feet.

Since opening the casino resort has gone from strength to strength. Like The Empire State Building, The White House, Christ the Redeemer, Big Ben, and The Eiffel Tower, it has become an iconic building in the city-state. Tourist numbers have increased dramatically.

Sun City Casino

Head to South Africa’s northwest province, and you will find Sun City Casino. Designed by Sol Kerzner and completed in 1979, it is the domes of the building that stand out in amongst the jungle. The design makes clever use of the jungle canopy and some of the room options include staying in a bungalow surrounded by it.

The casino doesn’t have quite the same gaming capacity as Vegas or Singapore, but it still offers elegant gaming of every kind. As you would expect, the casino features restaurants, bars, entertainment, and unlike many of its competitors a safari park.

Casino de Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo casino is world famous, and today the best gamblers in the world assemble to try their luck. The building designed by Charles Garnier in the 1850s and completed in 1863. Garnier designed the building in the Beaux-Arts architecture, Napoleon III style making it instantly recognisable to most James Bond fans. It is situated in the Cercle d’Or district of Monaco which is in the Monte Carlo quarter of the city-state.

Palm trees and lush landscaped grounds surround the casino. As well as the casino you will find the Grand Théâtre de Monte Carlo, and the office of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. The casino is luxury personified and features jackpots of almost half a million Euros.

Venetian Macau

Macau, like Hong Kong, is a Special Administrative Region of China. Until 1999 this was Portuguese territory, and the city sits on the Pearl River in southern China. It is also home to the Venetian Macau, the largest casino in the world. It is also the largest single structure hotel in Asia.

As you’ve probably guessed the hotel in part does resemble Venice with gondoliers sailing up and down the canals that separate the internal structures of the resort. The architecture would sit equally at home in Vegas with its curved buildings and tower that is visible from miles away.

Inside its Venice all the way with bridges spanning the canals, an elegant interior that attracts millions of visitors a year, coupled with world class restaurants, bars, and exhibitions.

From a gaming perspective, you can enjoy 546,000 square feet of floorspace, with literally thousands of slot machines and 800 gaming tables. The resort has 3,000 hotel rooms and suites, an arena, and conference space.

Each of the buildings has its own style and are impressive. Even if you are not interested in gaming, they are worth visiting in their own right just for their sheer magnificence.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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