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The Interior Insider: 7 Tips For a Healthier, Happier Home

Did you know that the ancient concept of Feng Shui is based around the idea that your living space is a direct reflection of your life?

Did you know that the ancient concept of Feng Shui is based around the idea that your living space is a direct reflection of your life? Whether or not you believe in the concept, we can all agree on one thing – coming home to a gorgeous, clean and tidy home every day is one of life’s simplest and best pleasures. Are you someone who is looking to refresh their space? In today’s article, we have a look at 7 simple tips for a healthier, happier home. Read on to find out more.

Don’t Skimp On Cleaning

It’s pretty obvious – to have a clean home, you’re going to have to engage in cleaning activities. Whilst cleaning is not most people’s favourite tasks, it is an essential step in ensuring your home is a healthy and happy environment for all. We highly recommend vacuuming on a weekly basis, as well as investing in a steam mop that will be able to clean all your surfaces and rid them from dust, bacteria or other allergens that may affect your health. Ensuring that you dust surfaces regularly is also key to keeping dust and dirt out of the home, whilst other chores such as changing your bedding on a weekly basis will ensure that your home is kept free from dust mites.

Keep Clutter at Bay

Clutter is something that most of us accumulate over time. One moment your home is clean and serene, the next it is piling up with items that you haven’t used in months. The key to a healthier happier home is to get rid of clutter. Do you have items and belongings that you haven’t used in years? Give them away or donate them to those who are in need. Is your study a complete mess? Work on organising your paperwork, books and magazines neatly.

Introduce Some Greenery Into Your Space

Did you know that having plants in your home have proven to reduce stress levels, increase air quality and increase overall productivity? Aside from making your home look more attractive, the addition of indoor plants creates a serene environment that will boost your creativity levels and reduce levels of pollutants including nitrogen dioxide and benzene. Plants also have the ability to reduce background noise, transforming your space into a zen haven for you to relax in.

Utilise Colour Psychology

Did you know that colour psychology has a part to play in our everyday lives, even if you don’t actively notice it? Different colours have the ability to invoke different emotions in human beings. Colours such as red signify passion, whereas calmer colours such as blues and yellows can help a person feel calm and relaxed. Utilising colour psychology in your home by repainting walls or including fabrics in certain colours is a fantastic way for you to curate the emotions you will feel in each and every room in the home.

Treat The Senses

When it comes to creating a healthier, happier home, you need to treat all your senses. One of the most important senses to pay attention to is your sense of smell. Try incorporating essential oils, scented candles, incense or diffusers into your home decor. Treating the senses to these small pleasures is a fantastic way to restore your happiness and energy.

Invite Fresh Air In

Fresh air is essential in keeping us healthy and happy. This is why it is always recommended that people go outside for at least 20-30 minutes a day. You can introduce fresh air into your home by cracking a window open for a few hours in the day. Fresh air will prevent your home from smelling stale and keep the circulation of air at a healthy level indoors. Inviting fresh air is also known to invite positive energy into your space as an added bonus.


Last but certainly not least, we always recommend that people disconnect from the internet and electrical gadgets for at least an hour each evening. On top of helping improve your quality of sleep at night, disconnecting allows you to spend some time mingling with family and bonding with one another without the distractions of technology. Bedrooms, in particular, should be a room in which technology is banned, or at least kept to a minimum


We hope that these simple tips that have been provided will help you in transforming your home into one that is not just healthier but also happier for all who share the space.