London’s Italian-restaurant scene is as vibrant as it is varied, and it’s impossible to write about the best Italian restaurants in London without including Bocconcino.  Housed around the back of Oxford Circus,  and seriously upgrading the Soho dining scene, this chic Italian restaurant and bar has a menu that transports you to every region of Italy, from Tuscany to  Rome to  Sicily and Florence though an extensive (and impressive menu) that includes classics like the silky Aubergine parmigiana, comforting seasonal minestrone vegetable soup and all your favourite pasta dishes like Carbonara  and seafood linguini. 

Bocconcino is heaven sent for those looking for a good meal in central London- Here classic dishes are perfectly cooked and beautifully presented. The seared scallops with Jerusalem artichoke puree, shimeji mushroom and  veal being  just one excellent example.  The Yellowtail tartare with avocado, orange and soy sauce is  also a delicious little number, zinging and bursting with flavour.  From the secondi, the slow cooked beef short rib falls off the bone and is served on a pile of the most delicious creamed truffle potato you’ll possibly ever taste. The freshly steamed broccoli is the perfect accompaniment for this,  perfect for  balancing out the unctuousness of the beef.  It would be remiss to not choose an Italian staple and pay homage to the classics, and for this we recommend the veal milanese served with rocket and cherry tomatoes-  a fine dish that delivers on flavour and comfort in equal measure.

If you still have room for dessert, you’ll be blown away by the lemon meringue tart – a wobbly wedge of deliciousness with just the right amount of lemony tang and creaminess. The Tiramisu is the showgirl of the pudding menu arriving in a daring metallic martini glass, looking absolutely stunning.
There is also an impressive wine list and a selection of delicious cocktails to complement your meal at Bocconciono. Two that stood out were the Catarrato – a silky smooth red from Sicily and the sun kissed white- the Cannonnau from Sardinia. If you have time,  after dinner, remember to sneak into the Sotto Bar which is  hidden beneath Bocconcino for a cheeky nightcap or indulge in one of the  reimagined classic cocktails with a distinctive Italian twist.

Whether you’re a seasoned food enthusiast or simply seeking a taste of Italy’s finest, Bocconcino Soho promises an unforgettable dining experience that will linger in your memory long after the last bite.


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