Being an Airbnb ‘superhost’ is an achievement to be proud of. Successfully maintaining a spic and span apartment in the perfect location with fresh coffee sat waiting to be brewed is something to boast about. The home rental app launched in 2008 and has reveled in success over the past few years, as holidaymakers and city breakers alike look for something different to the conventional hotel. The app which has over 400 million users awards its ‘superhost’ status to those who have a wealth of experience in welcoming guests into their homes, providing a top tier experience. With this being said, let’s find out how you can work your way up the ranks towards ‘superhost’ status.

Always be honest

Provide honest, high quality pictures of your facilities to give potential guests the most accurate insight. We’ve all heard the horror stories from holidaymakers who arrive at hotels which are still building sites despite contrary advertising, and from this you should paint a truthful picture of your home. This doesn’t mean simply add a nice filter to an image of your bathroom, it’s more about providing information such as the number of stairs to account for accessibility to the property, as this could rule rentals out of the running for less mobile guests. The same goes for location, as being clear on whether you are a five-minute walk into the nearest city centre, or a bus and two metros journey away can make a world of difference. You should aim to give points of relation too, such as ‘the flat is five minutes from Glasgow central station’, to appeal to guests looking for a specific location. Nobody wants to arrive in a far-flung district of London when they were promised a prime location with views of the shard.

Friendly gestures

To improve the quality of your guest’s stay, by offering home comforts such as toiletries and guides to the must-see spots in the area are a few things that can contribute to this. Some hosts make their own, quirky guide to the best nightlife spots, or they will recommend the best spot in town for a pizza. Others will share perks such as season card passes to galleries or gym memberships, which can make a guest feel much more welcome. It also shows that as a host, you are invested in the quality of the stay, and you’re enthusiastic to help them get the most out of even a one-night stay. If you can offer your guests something special, or personalised to the city you’re in, then it is advisable. Airbnb gives hosts the option to greet guests or allow them to pick keys up from a secure point, and if you can’t be on hand then you should consider leaving them a bottle of wine or a handy guide to the flat- including your contact details and the Wi-Fi password. If you can greet your guests, then a little bit of conversation goes a long way! A small shopping trip for snacks, milk and cereal could see your ratings soar.

Be creative!

The bland layout of modern hotel rooms can often cause many people to lack inspiration. They’re dull, and they do not have individual quirks to admire. If you are renting a room out, try and make it feel homely just as you would with any other part of your home. For hosts who let their entire flats out, don’t fret about your guests judging the shade of your living room throws. Many guests look for these interesting features, and your décor could even inspire their next homeware haul! If you are worried that your home doesn’t have the right kind of feel, then a few canvas prints, candles and fairy lights can provide a quick fix for any ambience woes. Aside from these extras, consider leaving fresh towels for your guests folded on the bed, and perhaps some optional pillows. A pre-clean is another good idea, to ensure that your space looks as fresh and inviting as possible. Perhaps adding some additional items such as high quality polystyrene cups and other utensils into your kitchen could be handy for your guests.

Also, don’t forget to highlight the best features of your property through any means available, marketing your place with professional photography is a must for your project, freelance Airbnb photographers are in high demand in this industry and there’s a reason for it.

Be friendly to your guests

In summary, being kind and friendly to guests can account for a lot. If you are on-site to greet guests, or if you could be, then this is a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about them, and they can put a face to a host name- which looks brilliant in the subsequent reviews! Some simple interaction can create an instant friendship, and a willingness to answer any questions is always a positive thing. Similarly, if you have left your guest with contact details then make sure to be as responsive as possible. If you leave people hanging, then it won’t reflect well on your hopes to become a ‘superhost’. Even considerations such as the food preference of your visitors could be a lovely touch, as it shows that you are invested in making them feel welcome.

You’ll be a ‘superhost’ in no time by following the above advice! Whether you’re already an Airbnb host looking to improve your space or are new to the industry, these simple tricks can benefit everyone.


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