The Latest Logo Phobic Trend Which is Going Global!

Norm Core might sound like some kind of government movement or the latest anti something establishment, but it is in fact a fashion trend. And it’s fast becoming one of the most used Instagram hash tags, so if you think yourself to be a bit of a fashion kid and haven’t heard of Norm Core yet then where the hell have you been?

The trend is marked by blandness, nondescript, completely unbranded garments, most commonly in black and white, maybe grey if you want to push boundaries and the quirkiest thing about this new trend is that it was popularised by the likes of Jerry Seinfield and Steve Jobs whose plain, unnoticed until now wardrobes pretty much sum up Norm Core . Yes you heard us, Steve Jobs is now a style icon!

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This anti-style fad has been coined by New York based trend forecasting agency K-Hole, co founder Emily Segal explains that ”There’s an exhaustion with trying to seem different. People are genuinely tired by the fact that to achieve status you need to be different from everyone else around you.”

We can definitely appreciate why this need to stand out is becoming exhausting, from celebrities adorning outrageous outfits just to arouse some interest and the likes of the mega wealthy flaunting their full runway looks over all social media, it’s safe to say it’s getting a bit tedious.

Norm core is purging the unnecessary fussiness from fashion, call it a cleanser, a trend which eradicates the greed and frivolousness associated with the industry. And as mentioned before it’s not just the youth who are picking up on this new, anti brand approach to dress, as Apple hero Steve Jobs is a prime example of a norm core dresser, with his boring get ups and bland black on black everyday looks. Yes, this trend may not inspire the creative in you but the simpleness of wearing a crew neck barely there logo tee, with brand free black jeans and chunky white socks is fast becoming a Instagram craze. No hashtag Celine, no hashtag SS14 just super simple, clothing which blends you into the crowd at the same time as segregating you into this growing clique known as the norm core dressers.


Think trademark free trainers, plain sportswear and a colour palette which only on occasion exceeds the limitations of black and white.

 The schleppy-looking fashion designers taking a bow at the end of their runway shows. That’s total normcore behaviour.

Says K-Holes Emily Segal. For whatever reason right now this logo phobic epidemic is taking over so run with it, pull out that fruit of the loom tee and that who knows where you bought it from black denim jacket and rid your life of the domineering brand giants of the fashion world.


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