The Launch of TRIBE : Modern dating without Likes or Swipes

We won’t lie, we spend quite a bit of time at House of Coco HQ swiping away on Tinder and getting other members of the team to critique our offering. Now, imagine dating where you actually meet through shared interests? You get ready with friends, you go out in a group, you meet people, you chat, you flirt, you might like other singles or you might not but you have fun. Unfortunately this traditional way of meeting people has now been replaced by being judged by a Like or a Swipe. Dates are awkward, uncomfortable and embarrassing because chatting on an App is not your common ground.

The solution is Tribe. Tribe offers relaxed group dating at the most sought-after and unique events across the city such as flying lessons to private masterclasses with Bompas & Parr. It works by choosing your favourite event and inviting two single friends to join you. At the event you’ll meet another group of three friends of the opposite or desired sex who have chosen the same experience. Will you like each other? Will you all like the same person? Maybe no one catches your eye but Tribe’s selection of dates means you will always have enjoyed an impressive experience with your friends.

Why Tribe?
Tribe has been created to ensure our members meet as many new and genuinely interesting people, in as many new and genuinely interesting places as possible.

What Does Tribe Do?
Tribe tailors relaxed, exclusive dates for two different groups of three friends. Whether it’s taking over a kitchen at the latest pop up, boozy games of Pétanque, private sushi-making classes or exclusive late night whisky tastings; we bring you a selection of the very best London venues each and every month.

How Does Tribe Match?
We don’t share profiles, we simply match your group with another that picked the same date experience as you. Swiping right and elaborate love algorithms have no place at Tribe. We’re all able to recognise chemistry when it sits next to us at dinner.

How Does Membership Work?
Whilst we do cater for guests, only membership offers you complete access to our full selection of dates and a host of exclusive benefits.
We save the best of our dates collection for our members only.
Tribe members are entitled to selective rates on all dates, ensuring they get the best price for all of our experiences.
Tribe Members receive details and booking privileges for all new dates a week before guests, ensuring members the best slots available.
Tribe Members enjoy access to the concierge team which includes our 1st Date Concierge Service for any two members who want to book a private dinner & drinks.

Membership Fees
To celebrate our opening we are offering a Founding Membership package at only £20.00 a month for our first members.

Event details:
Blanch & Shock (20th August) 
You can look forward to a welcome cocktail on arrival, expert tutorage on soda bread and butter making, an education on British wild spices, and finally their guide to producing perfect accompanying dinner party dishes.  Everyone leaves with their own homemade loaf and a few more tricks to try out in the kitchen. Perfect for true foodies.
£70.00 per guest | £55.00 per member

Flight Training (16th, 22nd, 29th August)  
Upon arrival you will be taken into a quick group briefing. You will then be split into pairs, one pilot and one observer. You will both take to the sky with one of our expert instructors, who will show you how to take control of the aircraft and who will talk you through performing a range of manoeuvres to test your ability.  You will then land and swap roles ensuring everybody pilots for 30 minutes each. There will be cold bubbly for the entire group once you have all touched down on terra firma.  We have three planes lined up to fly together so you will all be up and back within a maximum of two hours.
£65.00 members only

Bompas & Parr (20th, 21st, 27th, 28th August) 
To kick-start your evening you will all be part of a private master class with Bompas and Parr which takes you behind the scenes and through the bar’s best drinks. You’ll leave with an understanding of the science behind the cloud before experiencing it for yourselves then retire to the bar for further cocktails with menus that complement the taste profile of the cloud.
£55.00 per guest | £38.00 per member

Library & Edible Stories (September) 
Be whisked into a magical kingdom of mystery, fun and adventure over a four course gastronomic experience.  The pop up will showcase a journey of surprises with a series of adventures planned throughout.  Go Down The Rabbit Hole as you walk in the dark down the club’s Wonderland inspired yew tree staircase; indulge in A Mad Tea Party in a specially designed set and menu by Chloé Morris.  The food, atmosphere and camaraderie with fellow guests will bring the story to life.
£70.00 per guest | £50.00 per member
September events confirmed are:
Library & Edible Stories : Enjoy a sensory Mad Hatter’s Tea Party designed by renowned culinary magicians, Edible Stories at private member’s club Library.

See you there?


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