The low bob, also known as The Lob is filtering from Hollywood into the high streets, a slightly more sophisticated cut compared to the statement pixie.

Hollywood's latest hair trend: The lob.

Hollywood Hair: The Lob

Celebrities Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus and not forgetting Beyoncé sported the pixie earlier this year, which stunned us all. Women from all over the nation marched into salons and opted for the political pixie crop, if Beyoncé can chop off her voluptuous mane then so can you!

Of course like clothes, hair also has a short shelf life. The powerful pixie crop has screamed out female independence and now it’s time for a quieter but equally classic style. The timelessly classic bob may have been around for a while, iconic stars such as Twiggy, Victoria Beckham and Anna Wintour have all made the bob historic however Hollywood has recently given it a revamp, creating ‘The Lob.’

Giuliana Rancic has recently decided to join the lob trend which oozes sophistication.

Giuliana Rancic has chopped off her locks and opted for a classic asymmetric Lob.

This revamped style is the perfect summer cut to own, especially after growing out a pixie and persevering with the somewhat unsightly ‘mullet look’ that goes hand in hand when it comes to ditching the crop. The low maintenance Lob oozes sophistication; it is neither too short nor too long. As fashionista’s we are on a never ending pursuit to be on trend but also stand out of the crowd, the low bob is a haircut that is both bang on trend and custom tailored to suit any face shape or personality. The Lob can be cut blunt, textured or sleek allowing you to easily reinvent the style over and over again. The Lob can be styled straight or wavy but is still long enough to put back into a neat pony tail or a messy bun. This versatile cut suits the modern day woman. Hillary Duff, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Emma Stone, Kylie Jenner and even Kim Kardashian have all recently been papped supporting The sophisticated Lob. The queen of short styles Jennifer Lawrence has even recognised that the pixie has had its crown & glory and is now also modelling The Lob. This year has seen a dramatic movement in women’s hair and fashion, with summer still here and winter just around the corner the Lob is the on trend cut to have. Our personal favourite is television personality and new young mum Giuliana Rancic who chopped off her long locks in spring and swapped it for the ‘new it cut’. Giuliana looks classy with her new asymmetric style.

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