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The Luxury Design Trends that Are Changing in 2020

The Luxury Design Trends that Are Changing in 2020

What's considered luxurious has been a changing and growing concept since the beginning of time.  In our homes, luxury lately has meant minimalism with exceptionally well-crafted wood furniture and

October 14th, 2020

What’s considered luxurious has been a changing and growing concept since the beginning of time. In our homes, luxury lately has meant minimalism with exceptionally well-crafted wood furniture and soft fabrics. 2020 threw many curveballs in how we interact with our families and how much time we spend on them. It’s inspiring a movement of people working towards creating a luxurious space that they want to enjoy. Luxury is now about how to feel in your surroundings, instead of about the surroundings themselves.

Here are the trends that 2020 is creating and how those might evolve in the future.

Cottage Aesthetic

Cottagecore, a popular style where people revolve a lot of their live style around recreating the feeling of someone who lives in a cottage in the country, is making a big boom in the design industry. People turn to lighter designs, more comfortable and soft, less modern, and minimalist. Collecting trinkets or things that make them smile, these people chase any amount of serotonin they can get from their surroundings.

Returning To The Importance of Hobbies

Craft rooms have made a significant resurgence this year. People are bringing luxury into them by spending more money than they actually would on their hobbies before. From high price Cricut machines to taking up buying pricey digital tablets for art, it’s a consumerist type of luxury that means pouring money into things that make them feel like they’re doing something positive.

Home Office Boom

Home offices are here for the foreseeable future, from sectioning a corner of your bedroom to put a desk and chair, to revamping an empty guest room into your new headquarters. These offices are inventive, often sleek and well thought out, with a push towards productivity most people never had to think about for their homes before now. These home offices aren’t something everyone can put in place and has become a luxury of their own.

Bedrooms Are Comforts

People are putting money and time into creating bedrooms that speak to them. Some are even putting couches in their rooms to make them the ultimate comfort space. Be careful; of course, shopping for these couches, reviews for Lovesac aren’t that great anymore. Many create rooms that speak to them on an emotional level and allow them to disappear from the world into a space of comfort and luxury for themselves.

Giving Kitchens New Life

To continue with hobbies and the need to make a space that feels good instead of just looking good, more and more people are putting time into their kitchens that they weren’t able to before. Whether because of how much they’re cutting down on transit or if it’s inspired by not getting to eat out at restaurants anymore, many homeowners are giving baking and cooking another chance.

There was a push to make sourdough starters from March to April, and now people are gearing up for holiday treats. This change has pushed people into buying luxurious appliances that would have seemed otherwise unnecessary, from new ovens to KitchenAid stand mixers, to investing in new dishes and silverware so that their homes feel better as well.

Bluetooth Speakers Everywhere

These speakers, which range from forty to five hundred dollars depending on the brand and utility, are now gracing nearly every room in a home. This change is inspired by the need spaces unique to every person’s needs. Since many hang on walls, people design around them and dress them up to match their decor.

Mobile Working Areas

If someone doesn’t have the room to make a home office for themself, many create mini mobile offices. These consist of a lap desk, a computer, and a lot of patience. This difference allows the workers to sit anywhere in their home that they want. Working from the kitchen, or patio, has become commonplace. The luxury in this is getting to work from bed if these workers want to, which many have wished for since office jobs first sprung up.

Plantlife Is Back

Tall, gorgeous house plants are back in style and breathe a kind of luxury into every room they’re in. People can expend the type of energy it takes to maintain these plants now and get rewarded by these plants’ gorgeous appearance and trace amounts of oxygen filtering they do for us.

Dining Rooms Reborn

People are eating dinner with their family every single night now. This difference means that dining rooms have sprung back into use. Instead of sitting in front of the television, or hoping they’ll catch each other in passing, families are getting to enjoy each other’s company and talk about what’s on their minds. This difference gives a reason to spend more on dishes and furniture, to dress up the rooms into sleek and gorgeous spaces.

Bathroom Oasis Changes

A long hot bath has been a necessity for many going through this year. Instead of dealing with the outside world, many retreats into a space of bath bombs and scented candles. This change isn’t a complete escape, but it’s enough to give people the strength to get through it for the next day. Luxury in bathrooms has been looking at above-ground bow-tubs, copper finishings, and separate showers. A little aromatherapy and a Bluetooth speaker could make your baths into an experience that you’ll never want to leave.

Our homes, and our perception of luxury, have changed so much in the last year. It’s not hard to see why, but it can be hard to move through. Instead of focusing on what we can’t control, it’s time to put the energy and time into things that we know we can. A small home design, some warm and cozy accents, and a little patience can make any room feel luxurious.



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