The news is true. There are people who are willing to sell the scents used inside the casinos to the public and the product is selling like crazy.

Gambling is not just a game. It is more than that. It is an experience which people travel miles to have. The experience is sometimes the most joyous time of their lives and there’s no reason why people would refuse to buy scents from their favorite casino.

In this post, we are going to dig deep into the magic of casino smell and figure out the science behind it. Let’s get started!

Special Attractive Atmosphere in Casinos

Running a casino is a serious challenge because the business revolves around other people losing their money. This is one reason why you will never find a clock or windows in a casino.

Casinos want people to lose track of time and money!

The unique business environments in casinos is a reason why scent marketers have a find a way to make the gamblers play more and lose themselves in the special attractiveness of the casinos. They forget the risk involved in the desire to make more and all the credits have to be given to the strategically created atmosphere inside the casino.

The Magic Power of Scent in Casinos

In a recent study conducted over 1000 people, almost 86% admitted to the fact that fragrance can help them evoke a vivid memory.

It is this study that casinos and scent marketers make the most use of. Back in 2006, there was a study conducted on a casino. The study involved scenting two areas of a casino and leaving one area with no scent.

The returns were boosted by a whopping 45% by the scented areas. The other areas noticed no significant difference in visitors.

There was one theory that suggested that aroma made people slow and more susceptible to gambling. The olfactory-evoked recall is a phenomenon that is often referred to when discussing the power of scent in casinos. The phenomenon involves mental associations with certain aromas that enhance the will to gamble.

Which Casinos Sell Their Smell?

Almost all big and small casinos are into selling their smell. Caesars Palace, Mirage, Bellagio, Venetian, they all cash in on the opportunity to bring their visitors back to the table. But, where do they sell these scents? They do it inside the premises and also have third party stores do it for them.

But, here’s the thing that everyone should pay attention to. The scent industry, especially the one where celebrities have been creating their own fragrances, bring in over $50 million each year in revenue. We find no reason why casinos should not follow suit and create their own scents that represent their brand.

Is it Just a Fad or it Really Works?

No, it is not a fad.

This is not a fad because some serious money is going to be made here.

It is not a temporary craze because casinos are going to be here forever. People will keep coming in and get used to the scent and would love to pay a good amount of money to take the aroma home.

What About Casinos Online?

Gambling can evolve into addiction in no time. Online casinos have provided people with a much easier way to gamble but aromas will not have any role when it comes to making people come back to gambling online.

Over to You

Scent industry is a billion dollar industry and one that keeps finding new opportunities. Casino owners understand this and have been using it to full effect. Do you buy the scents from casinos? Let us know in the comments.


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