The main mistakes in dating

More and more often, I hear from people that they are lonely because they are doomed to be alone all their lives. You won’t believe how many people have problems with finding romantic partners for relationships! Even though today we have many various ways to find someone, from Russian dating websites and apps up to starting conversations with random strangers on streets, today, more people than ever say that they prefer loneliness. 

While in the world we see the rise of “super solo” culture, we must draw a clear line between those people who willingly live lonely lives and those who want to have romantic partners, but, for some reason, can’t find anyone. Today we are going to discuss the second type of people. Needless to say that many various factors directly affect our success in romantic relationships. Also, here we won’t be discussing obvious matters as personal hygiene and style in clothes. I believe that everyone who struggled to find a romantic partner has already fixed those issues if they had one. Today we want to discuss with you the top 4 small matters that many people miss, but those things can significantly lower your chances of finding a suitable romantic partner.

1. You analyze your relationships too much

Some people are more prudent than others. And prudence in itself is the ability to analyze the situation, compare it with the past experience, and make an expert assessment of options for the further development of events. In romantic relationships, such personalities quickly leave their partners at the slightest sign of any problems. If we usually consider the experience to be the best among teachers, then in their decisions, those people rely only on it. However, this can be potentially dangerous when it comes to love and feelings. All relationships are somewhat similar, but the problems that destroyed one relationship will not necessarily destroy the others. Unfortunately, people who are used to rely only on their experience tend to immediately burn all the bridges when the first difficulties appear.

2. You are too careful

Another reason why people constantly fail at romantic affairs is the fact that they are too careful. For some people, it is very hard to open to their partners because they always try to analyze the situation and compare it to some examples from their past. As we know, in the past, those people had too many failures, and they simply can’t appropriately compare and analyze their current relationships. Thus, they fail again and again. Don’t be afraid to make some mistakes, because it is way worse if you look like a very cold and distant person. Remember, no one wants his partner to possess such qualities.

3. You are not ready to change for the sake of your love

Those who have been living alone for some time, often lose their flexibility, and simply don’t want to change for the sake of love. You see, living alone has its own positive sides, and you will have to forget about some of them if you want to find a romantic partner. Surely, love gives you way more than it takes, but some people are not ready or not even willing to sacrifice even a tiny bit of their freedom for the sake of happily living with someone. Remember, love requires work on yourself, on establishing and maintaining the connection between you and your significant other.

4. You chose the wrong people

Quite often, people choose the wrong partners and then suffer from terrible breakups. When it comes to dating, there is no reason to hurry. Keep calm, enjoy the process, and don’t expect to get the results very fast. Dating is a very pleasant game, master your skill of playing it, and sooner or later, you will find a perfect partner for a long-term relationship.


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