When it comes to car detailing, most people can find it easy once they have done enough research and learned about the art. However, there are several simple mistakes that many people make, which prove it might be better to get it done by professionals!

Still, in any case, if you want to try your hard at car detailing, check out the most common mistakes people make so that you’re better prepared to do a good job.

  1. Working on Your Car in Direct Sunlight

Most people wouldn’t even think that sunlight could make a difference – but it does.

Even when you are washing your car, if it is in direct sunlight or gets too hot, it can ruin your hard work. It will make everything you use dry too fast; this includes water, soup, wax, and any other chemicals used, and as a result, you will end up with patches and streaks once you have finished.

Whatever kind of detailing you undertake, be it washing, waxing, vacuuming the interiors, or anything else, the only way to avoid the issue of sunlight and heat is by picking the right time and place to work on your car. If you can’t undertake detailing in the early morning or late evening, at least make sure you are in the shade.

In addition, you can remove the headache of doing it yourself at odd times by opting for a professional detailing service instead. Not only will you not have to spend time doing your own detailing, but you’ll also get a better finish than you could ever do yourself. If you like this idea more, then leaving it to a professional luxury car detailing shop is the best choice.

  1. Using a Sponge and Soap

If you want to wash your car, the first things you probably think of are water, a bucket, soap, and a sponge – and the latter two are way more important than you think. If you want to really look after your car, it is imperative that you get the right equipment.


Using a bog-standard sponge from the store won’t do. It can scratch your paintwork and leave dirt on the car. Plus, the sponge doesn’t get rid of the dirt; it just moves it around, creating more ways for your car’s surface to get damaged.

Ultimately, a microfiber towel is the best way to clean your vehicle without scratching it. There are many brands out there, and you should find one that works best for you and your car.


Another piece of equipment that goes over people’s heads is what kind of soap you should use. You should be checking what type of car wash soap you are buying as it may be the cheapest but not necessarily the best. Whilst the best of the best may be expensive, it could be worth buying one as it will save your car and its paint job.

  1. Drying with a Regular Towel

Unfortunately, for cars, many people just grab a normal kitchen towel or even a larger bath towel to dry their beloved vehicle. If you have ever felt a regular towel, you’ll know they can become rough over time, especially after lots of use. People even use the abrasiveness of normal towels to exfoliate their skin – but a car does not need to be exfoliated!

Standard towels will starch the paint, which can cause visible damage and wear and tear on your car’s surface. If you have ever used a normal towel on your car, it will become obvious when the scratches start pilling up – even if you’ve used a towel like this only a few times.

The best way to avoid such damage is by using a microfiber towel made for car drying. These won’t scratch your car and will soak up the water with ease without damage to your paintwork.


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