Gift shopping can be a complete nightmare. Despite knowing the recipient inside and out, finding the perfect present for them can seem like an impossible mission.

When you set out to look for a gift, everything you come across seems generic and holds no meaning. Understandably, you do not want to give someone a gift for the sake of giving a present. You want the gift you give to be something special, one that has taken a lot of thought into choosing.

Personalised gifts have changed the gift-giving game. Presenting your loved ones with a meaningful gift on their special day will likely be warmly welcomed. Gifting a personalised present will benefit both parties. For the recipient, it provides them with a feeling of being loved and heard. They know the sender put time and thought into the gift and chose something they knew would be cherished for a long time. For the sender, it can be a satisfying feeling. It is also a fulfilling experience that will last for years.

Reasons Why We Love Personalised Gifts

Gifting a personalised gift has risen in popularity. Many of us are noticing how personalised gifts are more meaningful. That is compared to ones bought because it was their birthday or for Christmas.

For special occasions, such as anniversaries, milestone birthdays, graduation and weddings – personalised gifts are a great way to celebrate this memorable moment.

There are various reasons why personalised gifts are deeply loved, here are just a selection of them.

  • Thought Gone Into It – One of the top reasons why we love personalised gifts is the personalisation aspect. The present has been created, designed or chosen specifically for the recipient. When they open it, they will know how much thought possibly went into choosing the gift. It silently shows them how much they are loved and valued by the one that got them the present.
  • Can Be Treasured Forever – Some gifts can easily be forgotten about quickly. Personalised, sentimental gifts are often treasured forever. Personalised gifts will have a story behind them, reminding the recipient of a happy moment or time in their life. It adds to the thoughtfulness of the present.
  • Affordable Gift – A common misconception is that personalised gifts are expensive. However, most personalised presents come at a reasonable price. Another benefit is that by ordering personalised gifts from online gift shops, you can get discounts and offers when you shop during certain times. Making the final cost even cheaper. A personalised gift does not need to be purchased from a store, you can make it yourself and it will still hold the same sentimental value.
  • Boosts Your Connection – A personalised gift can allow the personal connection between the sender and recipient to shine through. With this type of gift, it can celebrate the special connection between yourself and the person you are giving the present to.
  • Stand Out From The Rest – Finding out that someone else has gifted the same present as you can be heart-breaking. If you choose a personalised gift, it easily avoids this situation from occurring.

Types Of Personalised Gifts

The benefits of personalised gifts are endless. They are a sure way of knowing that the recipient will love it, as it has been tailored specifically for them. It adds an extra layer of meaning to the present. If you are struggling with ideas, here are a few personalised gift options to help you with your upcoming gift-giving.

A Photo Book Filled With Memories

Flicking through the pages of a photo book can spark memories of fond times. In today’s digital world, we have grown used to taking photos on our phones and uploading them to social media. We rarely print out photos unless taken with a polaroid camera. If you have countless photos with someone you love, consider putting them in a photo album or making a photo book online.

Creating photo books is simple. Companies like Photobox allow you to create a photo album that you can gift to a loved one. It is a unique way to share the memories you have captured on camera with someone by putting them into something they can physically hold. They can then pick up the photo book and reflect on the times you spent together.

Printing Initials On Travel Wallet

Does the recipient love travel? Do they have numerous travel plans in the pipeline for the future? If so, look at gifting them a travel wallet. They can use it to store their travel documents, insurance, passport and any other pieces of printed information they need for travelling. Whilst this gift will show that you have thought about them and what they love, there is another way to make it more personal. There are options available to personalise a travel wallet. You can have their name or initials printed onto the wallet to add that personal touch. It gives that uniqueness as no one will have that wallet. That is unless they share the same initials.

Family Portrait Print

The artwork in your home should reflect those who live there. It is why customised prints are a perfect gift for a loved one. Some online sellers will create family portrait drawings, which celebrate your family beautifully. When you receive the print, you can frame it and gift it to the recipient. They can then hang it in a space in their home that is on display for all those that enter. Since it is a family portrait, it adds that personal touch.

With Christmas just around the corner, why not consider sending personalised Christmas gifts to loved ones. It will make the present more special, knowing how much thought and attention went into finding it. It does not have to be Christmas. If there is a winter wedding you are due to attend or a birthday coming up, look into finding, or creating, a personalised gift. It will be something that they cherish and be grateful for receiving.


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