The temperatures are increasing which means summer has arrived. The time to go to the beach, enjoy the soft breeze and drink refreshing cocktails at night is finally here. Besides this, the arrival of summer also means putting away your winter coats and swapping them out for your favorite summer fashion pieces.

In general, a typical summer wardrobe consists of short-sleeve shirts, button-downs, maxi dresses and satin skirts, all made from breathable fabrics to keep you cool. In addition to these timeless essentials, you also need lots of trendy and versatile pieces to make you look and feel good wherever you go.

To inspire your outfit ideas this season, we have decided to compile the ultimate list of stylish and fashionable summer ensembles you should rock this year. Whether you are going to the beach, getting brunch outdoors or visiting a foreign country, here are the perfect summer looks for 2022.

Denim shorts and a graphic tee

Denim shorts are a summer essential which can be styled in endless ways, but most often they are paired with an eye-catching graphic tee. These tops come in many styles and designs, all of which can speak volumes about your personality.

For example, if you are into gothic fashion and are looking for an edgy graphic tee, you should opt for a wicked top with gothic elements to pair with your denim shorts. Complete your look with a white pair of converse nz sneakers and a monochromatic bum bag to match the rest of your outfit. Don’t forget to add some bold accessories like a layered necklace or a belt with a big buckle.

Strappy dresses and understated jewelry

If you have to meet your friends for a summer brunch date, a strappy dress is the perfect piece for the occasion. You can find this dress type in various styles, colors and lengths, and pair it with stylish footwear to bring out your inner chic.

For example, a short strappy dress with floral prints is the ideal summer dress you should include in your wardrobe. You can pair this sundress with flat sandals and a cute, white crossbody bag to flawlessly enhance your ensemble. You should top off the look with a nice pair of classy pearl earrings and a matching pearl strand to add a touch of flair and elegance.

Pleated skirt and a crop top

If you are looking for another feminine summer look, then a pleated skirt paired with a cute crop top is a great choice. This skirt type is the perfect blend of both sophistication and street style, making it a trendy summer essential you must have in your closet this season.

When it comes to completing your ensemble, you can do so by wearing either flat sandals if you are looking for comfort or high-heeled sandals if you want to add a touch of femininity. Top off your outfit with a stylish tote bag and some chic accessories such as a layered necklace, a beaded bracelet and trendy sunglasses.

Bright-color pantsuits

Getting dressed for work during summer doesn’t need to be difficult because there are plenty of outfits you can put together to keep you cool in the office and make you look fashionable at the same time. While wide-leg pants and cute blouses may be your first options, you should also go for bright-colored pantsuits to match the lively spirit of the season and still look professional.

The great thing about these pantsuits is that they come in many colors with hot orange, bold pink, primary blue and radiant yellow being some of the most popular shades among fashionistas. You can pair your pantsuit with elegant pumps and some classy jewelry to keep things minimal and sophisticated.

Button-downs and a white shirt

If you are looking for a comfortable and casual summer look, then tailored button-downs combined with an oversized white shirt are your perfect option. This outfit is a true representation of the coastal grandmother style which is best portrayed by Diane Keaton and Nancy Meyers in their most classic movies.

The great thing about this ensemble is that you can wear it to almost any occasion as it is simple, stylish and trendy at the same time. You can complete your look with a nice pair of white sneakers or sophisticated suede slip-ons to keep you comfortable. Top off with some chic eyewear and knitwear on top to stay warm during those chilly nights by the ocean.

Final thoughts

Summer is undoubtedly one of fashionistas’ favorite seasons because it allows them to experiment with different colors and designs to achieve a high-end summer look. From eye-catching graphic tees and short bottoms to strappy sundresses and multicolored suits, there are plenty of stylish and trendy clothing pieces you need to include in your summer wardrobe.

In case you need fashion inspiration, be sure to refer to our post and borrow some of our outfit ideas you can rock this summer wherever you go.


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