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The Physical and Mental Benefits From Playing Golf

The Physical and Mental Benefits From Playing Golf

Looking for a new outdoor activity to do?

November 12th, 2020

Golf is one of the best sports you can play today! It’s a fantastic cardiovascular exercise that can give you plenty of benefits. Anyone of any age can play golf and meet new people while getting a bit of exercise.

Note that golf can be a bit difficult to learn and enjoy if not taught well. You need to know the perfect grip, alignment, stance, and how to swing. However, it’s worth the benefits that you get from playing golf. Here is a guide to a perfect Golf Swing

Here, we answer your question on what physical benefits can be derived from playing golf. Read on to learn more about the physical and mental benefits of playing golf.

What Physical Benefits Can Be Derived From Playing Golf?

Golf is a low-impact workout and a great sport for many people. People of any age and gender can enjoy the benefits of playing golf. So what physical benefits can be derived from playing golf?

Increases Life Expectancy

It may sound too good to be true, but research says that playing at least one round of golf can add some years to your life. A round of golf can last 4 to 5 hours, and you spend walking at least 4 miles around the golf course. Golfers are 40% less likely to die compared to non-golfers who are the same age.

When you play 18 holes of golf in over 4 hours, you burn an average of 360 calories. Riding a golf cart can help you burn 200 calories per hour. A golfer gets more exercise than the average, which in turn gives plenty of benefits for your health.

Burns Plenty of Calories

As mentioned earlier, playing 18 holes lets you walk for 4 miles, which burns 360 to 500 calories. When you follow each ball, you get an average of 6.6 miles walked. Although golf is not a high-energy sport, you need to be constantly moving in each round you play.

Golf keeps your heart active, letting it beat faster, and it reaches an optimum level to burn calories. So if you want to lose plenty of calories, it’s best to leave the cart behind and walk the entire course.

Gives the Recommended Exercise

Getting the golf carts are not a necessary part of golfing. If you choose to leave it behind, you can elevate your heart rate, which can classify golf as a moderate-intensity exercise. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends the following:

  • At least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise
  • At least 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise

Getting your recommended exercise should help you reduce your chances of stroke. Every part of your body benefits from picking up the golf balls and walking up the sandpits or hills. Walking around with your golf bg to add some weight to your upper body.

Reduces Risk of Disease

As you walk around and keep moving, you reduce your risk of getting heart attacks and strokes. It’s an outdoor activity that can give you a breath of fresh air, helping your digestive health. It lowers your blood pressure and lowers the risk of chronic diseases like obesity.

Playing golf on a sunny day can boost your health by supporting your immune system. Absorbing vitamin D can give you 30% to 40% more calcium. It’s an ideal sport for those in the US who suffer from vitamin D deficiency.

How About the Mental Benefits From Playing Golf?

Golf gives not only physical benefits, but it also benefits your mental health. Here are some mental benefits of playing golf.

Lowers Your Stress Levels

Can playing golf be relaxing? Golf can help you slow down and center yourself to restore from mental fatigue. It silences your mind and loosens up your body, which helps in stress-reduction.

When you step onto the field and swing the ball, your body starts to produce serotonin. Serotonin is the hormone that stabilizes your mood, keeping you happy. Playing golf also helps keep your blood pressure at normal conditions.

You may not believe it, but even golf apps can help you lower your stress levels. Why not check out some of the best golf apps you can find today?

Improves Concentration

Golf can be a mental challenge since it requires plenty of patience and attention. When you come across a challenging activity, you force your body to focus. You concentrate all your attention on a specific target.

It prevents your mind from getting distracted. Playing golf can shift your mind away from any stressful and negative thoughts. It’s essential for your mental health to have better concentration and to gain a sense of clarity.

Promotes Emotional Stability

You need to be calm and plan well when you play golf. It needs your unique combination of skillful moves to play and win the sport. Golf helps you learn and develop specific self-management abilities.

As you continue to play gold, your body will produce endorphins. Endorphin helps you maintain your mental well-being when you feel pain or stress. Playing golf can also maintain and improve your psychological maturity.

Offers Social Interaction

Many golfers like to play golf in either pairs or groups, which is a perfect opportunity to get to know others. You can make new connections or develop existing ones by playing with your loved ones. Social interaction plays a big part in your mental health.

Socializing can produce plenty of dopamine, which reduces pain and stress. It helps you combat the feeling of loneliness and isolation. Interacting with new people can also reduce depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.

The Physical and Mental Benefits From Playing Golf

What physical benefits can be derived from playing golf? We hope our guide here provided the answers you seek.

Now that you know the pros of playing golf, it’s time to go outside and prepare for a good round. Golf is a great sport to find people with an energetic and positive attitude.

We hope you enjoyed this guide! Consider checking out our other posts for more helpful tips in playing sports.



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