Custom screen printing can be an excellent option for many clothing items, but it is more complex than putting a design on any piece of apparel. However, whether you sell the clothing through your business or give the items to your employees to wear as part of their uniform, the clothing needs to be fantastic, from the material quality to the look of the design itself.

Here are several tips below to keep in mind to ensure the best look for any item you are ordering.

Make sure your design pairs with your chosen clothing

Not all graphic prints will pair well with specific articles of clothing, but it is usually a matter of your preference. For example, zippers, pockets, seams, buttons, collars, and embellishments may interfere with the print and might not make it look as flattering as it would in uninterrupted space.

Smaller graphic prints usually look great on almost any clothing, including t-shirts, hoodies, pants, and pullovers from your Bella+Canvas bulk order of crew neck sweatshirts. In addition, larger designs may be better for clothing like sweatpants with a smaller area of space to work with, but it depends on where you want the design.

For example, you can fit a larger design going down the side of each leg than putting one on the front hip area.

Determine how many colors you can use

Screen printing typically involves a limited color palette, but the number of hues you could use can vary between printing companies. However, one detail that is usually consistent between businesses is that the more colors you want, the higher the cost. It is because of the complex screen printing process and how each layer of color needs a separate application.

As a result, contact the screen printing company to find their color limit before planning a design with a certain number of shades. You may need to adjust depending on your desired hues, color limit, and budget. So discussing the limits beforehand with the printer can allow you to make changes before you submit your order instead of while it is in progress.

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Order with time to spare

Screen printing orders usually have at least a week or more turnaround time, especially if you buy many clothing items. So first, ask the company about their turnaround time before submitting your order. Then, if you need the clothing by a specific date and they cannot deliver on time, you may have to seek another company.

Your best option is to order as far as possible from the date you need the clothing. As a result, it gives you enough time to thoroughly check each piece when you receive it and still have time to prepare it for sale or to give out.

Choose a flattering font

If you have ever seen a font on a shirt that looked more like a tragic mistake than an attractive display, you know how important it is to choose a font option that reflects your chosen design. However, keep in mind that elaborate does not always mean better.

Before placing an order, check if the font would look as great on the clothing as you think. Then, ask the screen printer to notify you if the font would not be a great option after all and request a recommendation for a better alternative.

Be sure of your order before you contact the screen printer

You must be as specific as possible about your order before contacting the screen printer. Some aspects of your design or order may need changing, like if the font color you want differs from your chosen shirt color. Other situations, such as submitting an order when you are still updating the design, or you decide to change the quantity last minute, could lead to issues.

For instance, if your design suddenly got more complex, the cost of your order might go up. Should you decide you need more clothing than expected, the order will likely get delayed even if you still need it by the same initial date. If you are unsure about anything, it is best to wait to place the order until you run the questions and uncertainties by those at the screen printing company.

Send a high-resolution image

The higher the image resolution, the better the results can be for your design. Low-resolution images usually will not do the design justice. Every screen printing company typically has a requirement (or at least a recommendation) of what they prefer the resolution to be, so check that you are sending one that meets the suggestion.

Listen to the recommendations of the screen printing company

One of the worst things you could do to jeopardize the quality of your custom screen-printed clothing is not to pay attention to the screen printer’s recommendations about changes. Instead, they suggest something to make your design or completed clothing attractive. Their reputation and your relationship with them as a client are at stake.

It is better to hear the recommendations of the screen printing company and seriously consider what they are saying rather than dismiss their insights. If you have a problem picturing the changes they suggest, ask if they can make a sample clothing item to review in person to understand the concept better.

Determine if you want screen-printed labels

Consider if you want screen-printed labels instead of using woven labels. Some screen printing companies might offer a cost-cutting deal on the labels if they are already doing a custom graphic design on the garments for you.

Custom screen-printed labels can look fantastic when done right. The information gets printed onto the clothing, resulting in a soft feel that does not involve a potentially itchy tag at the base of the neck. Note that the United States government has labeling requirements for apparel.

Doing a hand sketch or an online mock-up of the clothing design you want could help you get a realistic idea of the final product’s appearance. It lets you see the design before you and determine if you will change the font, colors, design, layout, or clothing choice before sending in the final order.

Then, discuss your concept with the screen printer, make any necessary adjustments, and understand the ordering guidelines before buying the clothing.


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