The Rise of the Micro Gym – the latest wellness trend to hit the high street

Lockdown saw virtual gym sessions soar in popularity and as a result people are now looking for a new way to work out. [...]

Lockdown saw virtual gym sessions soar in popularity and as a result people are now looking for a new way to work out. Expensive monthly gym subscriptions are being cancelled and replaced with more flexible options like Osaki pro admiral that provide a private, professional space to train in with state-of-the-art equipment.

Founded by London-based personal trainer Guido Basola, ELYSIUM caters to PTs looking for a professional space to train clients as well as those looking for somewhere to do a solo or group workout with friends. Coming from a luxury fitness background, Guido has taken his previous experiences and created a dynamic space that will change the way people view fitness and personal training.  

With sites in Aldgate and Seven Dials and plans to open in Clapham, Battersea and London Bridge, the micro gyms are priced at £25 per hour and need to be pre-booked prior to arrival via the ELYSIUM app.

The boutique training spaces are routinely cleaned throughout the day and aim to cultivate a safe and inviting community feel, this includes an SOS function on their app, which enables members to access any site 24/7 in case of emergency.

Don’t be mistaken – the ‘micro gym’ isn’t just a scaled down version of your local big gym. ELYSIUM boasts top of the range exercise equipment. From a cardio perspective, guests can work with the Concept2 Rower, SkiErg and BikeErg to improve lower-body conditioning and aerobic fitness.  For strengthening workouts, the Power Racks come with custom-built lever arms for chest, shoulder and deadlift support.  Home gym equipment specialists, BLK BOX have also provided a standard rack of dumbbells and Kettlebells for joint exercises including chest flyes, shoulder raises or biceps curls. The gym’s also feature a Primal Strength Commercial Cable Crossover, for arm, chest and shoulder muscle workouts.

Founder Gudio Basola commented: “At its core, ELYSIUM is a fitness facility that focuses on the individual, their needs and training priorities. By removing the daunting floor size of a large gym, people can focus on themselves and what they want to achieve in the hour or so that they are with us. Over lockdown, there was an increase in demand for personal trainers and with ELYSIUM we can provide a space for that demand, without the high commission rate of a big corporate gym.”

The micro gym offers the best of both worlds; a quiet, professional space for fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers, with all the benefits of a high end, state-of-the-art gym.  Expect to see sites pop up on a high street next to you.

Find out more and book your training slot at ELYSIUM

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