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The Role And Importance Of Alternative News

The Role And Importance Of Alternative News

Since the dawn of internet, alternative news sites, such as blogs and community news platforms have been providing the public with a variety of perspectives.

December 29th, 2020

Since the dawn of internet, alternative news sites, such as blogs and community news platforms have been providing the public with a variety of perspectives. Since then alternative media has taken different shapes and forms. Academic definitions of alternative news suggest that it differs from other terms of media in terms of content, production and distribution. Alternative media has grown over the years to launch different narratives in a time where many feel their voices are not hear through a clatter political correctness, transformative rhetoric and general disregard for objectivity.

Here is a breakdown of the role of alternative news platforms and how important they are in our society today.

  1. Breaking interactive news in real time

Today, people respond more to interactive news that is made in real time. It is no surprise that news reporting seems to be losing popularity and it is being replaced by alternative news. Alternative media offers more interactive content for readers to engage with. Alternative media goes beyond the ‘what, when and where’ of news reporting and focuses on the ‘why, who and how.’ The ability to ask the right questions changes the focus of many readers and gives a more in-depth engagement of topics. It is the engagement on a personal level that readers want.

In some cases, alternative media breaks stories that mainstream media won’t even think of touching. Alternative news is alive as well as the freedom of speech. For instance, one main example of the importance of alternative media was when a little known website posted a story in January 1998 about the affair of President Bill Clinton with the white house intern Monica Lewinsky. A reporter from the mainstream media, Michael Isikoff of Newsweek Magazine, later acknowledged that he knew the story but sat on it because of political correctness. That is why alternative media is so important, it is open to all corners.

Alternative media including Cceit.com is usually independently owned and manufactured, creating more niche audiences. They provide eyewitness pictures and stories outside the attention of the mainstream attention, and diverse opinion.

  1. Less and less objectivity

Today, readers believe less and less in objectivity and want interactive content that provide different points of view in order to form their own opinion. This is one of the main importance of alternative news in the online press.

  1. Ideology and propaganda machine

Alternative news is an extremely powerful and sophisticated way in the way it puts forward its ideological agenda. Alternative news content is highly streamlined and centralized. For instance, when say the country invades another nation and conducts an illegal assassination breaching the sovereignty of another nation, within a short time, the news will be in the mainstream media with the same line, same pictures and same political spin. Without alternative media, it can be quite difficult to fathom what the real situation is. Alternative media will come with a different ideology and stories that might have been missed by the mainstream media.

With many media outlets following created narrative, it is the role of alternative media to fill the void tit leaves behind. Areas where mainstream media is lacking, are areas where alternative news achieves so much.

  1. Wielding power

The consistent barrage of propaganda is effective, especially when used to suppress ideas that challenge the capitalist system. It is these ideas that provide voce to the voiceless. For instance, looking at climate change, the real discussion on what the government should do to address the issues are not being aired on mainstream media. Alternative media provides readers with a variety of ideas and alternatives necessary to address climate change and challenge corporate power. This gives power to the public to take charge and try to reduce the effects of climate change.


It is imperative that progressive voices receive a wide airing beyond activists and small pockets of public. The world we live in is in crisis; from global food crisis, millions denied proper sanitation to millions displaced. Most governments are not showing initiative to take the necessary action. They hide behind mainstream media through manipulation of truth and public opinion. Alternative media like Cceit.com believe in a better world. They challenge the status quo from all side of political divide giving voice even to the hopeless. And it is through this that we keep the freedom of expression alive.



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