Travel with pleasure – The Satisfier Pro Traveler

There are few things more embarrassing than being named and shamed by the airport security guard, especially when your trusty vibrator is involved. Yes, you heard us. Buzz, buzz, buzzing through check-in is something we at House of Coco would rather avoid. Wouldn’t you?


While vibrators and hand luggage are not a match made in heaven this needn’t be cause for a no fly zone, nor must you submit to curious gazes as airport staff rifle through your expertly packed hand-luggage. That’s where the Satisfier Pro Traveler comes in. Designed purely with the frequent traveller in mind, this compact, lightweight toy intends to champion female sexual freedom and wellness wherever in the world you may be. But discretely, of course.

Its sleek and understated shell is shaped like a perfume bottle  – with no blaring colours or bunny ears in sight. The hard case and USB charging is perfect for transport, preventing both damage to the toy itself along with any unsolicited buzzing from easily pressed buttons or vigorous batteries. Fully waterproof and perfect for candle-lit bubble baths (or hostel showers), this versatile little thing fits in the palm of your hand for exceptionally easy usage once you get the hang of it.

With 11 settings to choose from, the whirring noise amplifies in volume at each stage, growing from barely audible to a rather distinct humming. Don’t fear though, this volume is greatly reduced when the silicone nozzle is placed in contact with skin, where its air pressure stimulation kicks in.

While there’s no law against transporting vibrators across the globe, certain conservative countries are not yet on board with the idea, even in the form of a perfume bottle as convincing as this one! Remember to check before you travel to avoid a REAL security blunder.

So whether you’re flying solo or travelling with a partner, don’t let hand-luggage be a barrier to a little international pleasure. Just make it hassle free with the Satisfier Pro Traveler. And if by chance you’re stopped by bag-handlers asking questions, be bold and own it.

Wherever your wanderlust may take you, this elegant travel partner will help you “get there” in no time at all. Priced at £44.95 and available from The Satisfier online.