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The Science Behind P-shot San Diego

The Science Behind P-shot San Diego

​P-shot San Diego providers are a group of men’s health and wellness clinics that specializes in providing treatment options for men when it comes to their gender-based illnesses and

January 4th, 2022

​P-shot San Diego providers are a group of men’s health and wellness clinics that specializes in providing treatment options for men when it comes to their gender-based illnesses and conditions. Erectile dysfunction is probably the most feared and the most misunderstood male illness, and a lot of it stems from the fact that men are not comfortable dealing with it, much less talking about it. When men suffer from erectile dysfunction, it is a cause of great pain and a blow to their masculinity and machismo and for most men, it tends to be everything that their manhood is about. But of course, men could not seem to be as shallow, but their physique, desirability, libido, and sexual prowess are the standards at which they judge themselves as being a man. So that if anything happens to any of those aspects of their lives, their emotional and mental health is severely affected, it can make them feel worthless and less of a man. Thus, if any company or clinic offers them a cure for erectile dysfunction, they are the first to commit to it, and even at times when it is just a hoax or a fake cure, they would still willingly pay good money for it and will believe that it would work for them and solve all their problems. The little blue pill had been the only treatment option for erectile dysfunction and albeit its notorious side effects and complications for those with existing heart conditions. As such, men with ED have been constrained to resort to using the pill even if they do not like it as there was no other option. P-shots promises to provide an alternative treatment to ED and it is said to be the safest and most effective treatment notwithstanding that many are skeptical about it. The skepticism is expected as it is a new treatment and maybe not many have gone through it, but P-shots are science-based and it has been used in other conditions and has had positive results. Read on to know more about the science behind P-shots.

What Makes P-shot San Diego Safe?

​Unlike the many gadgets and supplements that are said to cure erectile dysfunction, P-shot San Diego providers offer a science-based and medical treatment that has had positive outcomes in the past. The P-shot is also called the Priapus shot and it is made from platelet-rich plasma that is then injected into the penis to stimulate blood flow and cell regeneration through the rich protein found in the plasma. The PRP is extracted from the blood of the patient and it is then placed on a machine that will separate the plasma from the red blood cells and only the plasma will be used for the treatment. The plasma is then placed on a syringe and local anesthesia is applied to the area where it will be injected. The plasma is made up of protein that stimulates and attracts cells and activates them to regenerate as well as encourage an increase in the blood flow into that area which in this case will be the penis. Since the plasma is all-natural and does not contain any synthetic substances, it is fairly safe and side-effects free. In so far as the number of men who have already taken the P-shots, not a single adverse reaction to it has been observed. Moreover, as the penis is working only with one’s plasma and proteins, there is no fear of rejection or complications. The blue pill may have provided an instant cure of the ED, but as soon as the effects of the pill waned so did the erection. The P-shots are long-lasting, and promise a cure for the ED with consistent injections and if the patient is generally healthy.

Why is P-shot San Diego Effective?

​Protein-rich plasma injections or those administered by P-shot San Diego providers have been practiced for years and have successfully been used as a treatment for injured muscles and tendons. As the protein in the platelet-rich plasma is injected into the areas that sustained injuries, the cells appear to regenerate and develop healthier cells as the protein attracts blood flow and provides nourishment to the cells. Until this day, the cause for erectile dysfunction appears to be a mixture of various factors, both physical and psychological. However, the PRP injections act on the cells of the penis and aids in increasing the blood flow and improving the muscles at a cellular level. It bypasses any brain receptors or the emotional and psychological components of sexual behavior. By focusing on the physical aspect, the penis receives the help it needs to keep back on track. The effect of the shots in helping those with ED have long-lasting erections do not happen overnight or instantaneously, rather the patient has to go through a couple of sessions for the treatment until the effects are noticeable. But it is more effective and a huge improvement when compared to the pills. The pills only result in a temporary erection only for the period when it was taken. The P-shots offer a better experience and solution in that those who have ED can have longer and stronger erections whenever they engage in sexual activity.

How to Get P-shots San Diego Treatment?

​P-shots San Diego providers follow strict protocols and guidelines in assessing whether a patient is a good candidate for the P-shot treatment. As such, the first step would be to go to a preliminary consultation wherein the healthcare providers will assess whether the patient has erectile dysfunction and whether he is an ideal candidate for the treatment. If all is well, the clinic will then provide the patient with a schedule for the first shot of the treatment, the succeeding sessions will depend on the reaction of the patient to the first shot and the overall health of the patient. Sad to say, the P-shots are not for everyone, although it is considered the safest treatment, there are still those who are not suitable for the procedure especially those who have complicated pre-existing illnesses or chronic pain and even clinical depression. The effects of the treatment would depend on how often the patient comes back consistently for his shots and the frequency with which he engages in sexual behavior.



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