The skincare brand for your suffering skin;

At House of Coco, our topic of conversation has seemed to revolve around the changes the seasons bring to us, mainly the changes they bring to our skin.

Some of us suffering from oily skin or breakouts but most seem to be suffering dryness or flaky skin, most likely due to harsh weather and central heating. However, if like me and you suffer with your skin, whether it be acne, psoriasis, lichen plans or even just sensitive skin and you’re totally at a loss, then I’d advise you to keep reading.

I suffer from eczema and it can flare up when I’m stressed/anxious or if I’ve used a product that disagrees with me. Either on my knees, elbows or under and around my eyes, which you can imagine is an absolute nightmare. I obviously want to reduce the redness but any product or make-up on top only settles into flakes and the dry areas… attractive.

My latest major outbreak was over Christmas, which was so not ideal. By boxing day I was fed up of constantly being asked if I was okay or if I had been crying. My usual remedies weren’t working and I resorted to taking my make-up off with just water and vaseline, again, not ideal.

That’s when I discovered Salcura, for me the Bioskin DermaSerum for Eczema & Psoriasis works wonders. However there are a range of products for a variety of skin conditions, so you can find the right product for you.


Salcura came to  life ten years ago in a laboratory: when Dr Martin Schiele, a biomedical research scientist, conducted a study into the ways in which natural, ingredient-led, formulations could help problem skin conditions. Dr Schiele’s passion for nature, combined with his strong scientific grounding, meant that he created formulations that really do improve your skin. Now managed by his son, Salcura has grown to become a multi-million pound turnover international operation whilst still retaining the ethics expected of a grounded family business.

Despite his busy schedule we had the pleasure of speaking to Martin Schiele Jr about all things Salcura;

What inspires you most?

Seeing the results that our products achieve. We are all very excited every time a great piece of feedback or a success story comes in of how we have changed someone’s life, especially when kids are involved.

What does your every day routine include?

I am more of a morning person and tend to get quite focused on tasks between 6am and 10am. After that there are too many distractions. My day is usually filled with internal meetings as well as client visits. Normally I arrive back home around 6pm in time for walking or running with my dog and cooking afterwards.

Are you someone who can balance work and life?

Its tough. It’s hard not to combine the two and often work spills in to private life. There is rarely an hour where I don’t think about work and Salcura.

What is the most important value for you within Salcura?

Honesty and trust. We have to trust each other. We need to trust and rely on our supply chain, our team need to trust each other and we need to be trusted by our customers.

What do you enjoy most about Salcura?

The challenge that it gives us. We are challenging some very serious brands backed by very big companies. For us to succeed we need to think smart and work hard. Every day is a challenge.

How do you go about selecting your ingredients?

We know what we want from our products so we source very high quality natural ingredients that are supported by science. We source from around the world and have great scientist developing and innovating our formulas.

What was the testing process? Was it trial and error and how did you agree and decide on certain products that worked?

In the early days we only had 4 products which were developed partly in a lab and partly through real life trial and error. We knew we had something amazing but it needed refining.

What does the future for Salcura look like?

To focus on being the best natural solution for challenged skin. We will win more awards, gain more certification and invest more resources in clinical proof that demonstrates that our range is the go to range for those in need of fast and effective relief from dry and sensitive skin issues.

So if you’re looking for natural remedies, that are affordable and actually work, Salcura is for you.

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