The next year is the perfect time for a staycation, as the UK and its resorts look to get back on their feet and welcome tourists back for a full on summer season.

In fact, even now seaside towns are awash with illuminations and bright lights to celebrate the festive period.

If you can’t wait to plan a getaway for next year, then you could certainly do worse than the likes of Brighton, Cromer and Whitby. But what are the must do activities for a day beside the seaside?

Eat Fish & Chips

You won’t find better fish and chips than you will in seaside towns, especially those with a fishing port. Many towns on the coast are renowned for their catch of the day and the likes of Papa’s in Cleethorpes and Harbour Lights in Falmouth having become iconic.

There are many different variations, and specialisms in different part of the country, but fish, chips and a bit of salt and vinegar, and you really can’t go wrong.

Right across the land you’ll find tons of excellent coastal fish and chip shops, and you can click this handy guide to find one close to where you’re holidaying.

Play Bingo

Across seafronts and down piers you’ll find plenty of fun and games to enjoy from hook-a-duck to donkey rides and plenty of shooting games and rides. But no game is more iconic by the seaside than bingo.

Bingo has so many social aspects to it and because of this the game has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. It’s developing a real community online, and a number of online bingo fans are picking up their dabbers on holidays by the sea too.

In some areas you’ll find huge bingo halls, while others are simple huts on the pier, but all offer the same thrills as you would find online and there are plenty of prizes up for grabs too!

Go Crabbing

For those with a family especially, crabbing can offer hours of fun. It’s fishing with a twist, with that twist being you’re out to catch crabs.

Popular in port towns especially, all you need is a net or bucket and a long piece of string, with the aim then to dip your vessel in the water and hope to pull some crabs out!

Of course, it’s important you put them back in the water after as some crabs are also not edible, so you also don’t want to make yourself ill!

There are many hotspots for crabbing across the country, with the likes of Whitby and Scarborough in North Yorkshire, as well as Salcombe, Dartmouth and South Pool along the south coast.

Dip Your Toes In The Sea

No trip to the seaside is complete without at least dipping your toes in the water. Of course it’s cold, it’s Britain, but if you’re not going to head for a swim, at least walk along the shoreline and feel the sand or pebbles between your toes and let the water wash over them.

It’s a tranquil and therapeutic feeling that can’t help but calm you, and in times like this, that feeling is priceless.


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