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The Top 5 Golf Bag Accessories To Have In 2022

Can the golfer in your life ever have too many golf bag accessories?

Can the golfer in your life ever have too many golf bag accessories? The answer is “No.” Regardless if you’re looking to fill a holiday stocking or simply want to let your favorite golfer know you’re thinking of them, a golf bag accessory is the perfect holiday golf gift.

The key is to find them something unique. Something that they don’t already have and will improve their experience on the course. The perfect golf bag accessory either helps you shoot a lower score, helps you have more fun, or maybe, a bit of both.

How do you find the right golf bag accessory and golf setup? Get the best home golf practice setup and separate golf quality products from the top gimmicks. Here we have highlighted our 5 favorite golf bag accessories below that you or the golfer in your life need to have in 2022.

Top 5 Golf Bag Accessories To Have

  1. Sunday Golf Towel

We know what you are thinking – don’t they already have a golf towel? They might, but nothing like the golf towels by Sunday Golf. These “thirsty,” super absorbent towels are made from microfiber designed to quickly clean your clubs between shots. The center-slit means it can hang from any club in your bag – you don’t have to mess with a carabiner or metal clip.

Did we mention you can choose from 10+ designs? Each one will be a conversation starter on the first tee. Show pride for your current city or where you were born and raised. Simply put, these golf towels are cool. Buy for yourself or the golfer in your life for only $30.

  1. Frogger Golf Divot Tool

The Frogger brand might be best known for a golf towel, but we like how they took something simple and made it better. Their golf divot tool actually helps you in three different ways. First, it helps you fix the ball mark on the green after you hit a great approach shot. Second, it includes a ball marker that’ll magnetically stay attached. Third, it has been designed to prop your club up off the ground and keep it dry.

Why do you need a golf divot tool? You always want to pay it forward. Leave the golf course in better shape than you found it. Fix two marks on every green. Do your part to keep your favorite course in great shape for only $17.95.

  1. Stealth Club Covers

Golf clubs are an investment. A new set can cost thousands of dollars. Doesn’t it make sense to spend a little to keep them in top condition? Stealth club covers will help you keep them in great shape.

They offer 10 different colors and you can either buy one for your driver or get a full set. An individual club cover will cost $15. Get a club cover for your driver, 3-wood, and 5-wood for $40 or get 8 for your hybrids/irons for $50. Don’t forget about protecting your putter as well.

  1. PuttOut Putting Trainer

Golf swings are like fingerprints – they are all unique. That being said, one thing that’s true about all golfers is they’d like to make more putts.

The quickest way to shoot lower scores is to improve your putting and the PuttOut putting trainer has worked for thousands of players around the world. Practice anytime/anywhere and quickly improve your line and speed. If either one is off, you won’t be able to stop the ball in the micro target at the top of the PuttOut. Small enough to keep in your golf bag, this putting trainer only costs $40.

  1. Callaway Dawn Patrol Gloves

The vast majority of golfers use gloves when they play and they’re only good for 10-20 rounds, so it never hurts to have an extra one. Callaway is a well-known golf brand and their dawn patrol gloves are a high quality golf bag accessory.

The all-leather construction provides premium feel, fit, and comfort. You can’t hit a great golf shot if your hands are slipping. For $25 you can ensure you always have a firm grip on your clubs.

Golf Accessories: FAQs

What do most golfers have in their bag?

You’ll find the golf essentials: golf balls, tees, divot tools, golf gloves, and ball markers. Most golfers will also have a towel attached to their bag or hanging across their clubs.

Where do I put my putter in my golf bag?

There are two different places in your golf bag that work well for your putter: in the lowest compartment with your wedges or in the top compartment with your driver and fairway woods. Try them both and see which one works best for you.

What should be in a beginners golf bag?

When you first start learning the game of golf, keep it simple. Make sure you have inexpensive golf balls, tees, a golf glove, and a ball marker. You can add additional golf bag accessories as you play more.

What Golf Bag Accessories Support Your Game?

The best thing about golf bag accessories is they’re inexpensive. If you buy one that doesn’t add much to your golf experience, it isn’t a big loss. Think about what you enjoy the most about golf and select golf bag accessories that support your passion.

For example, if you enjoy a cold beverage on the course, you might want to keep a koozie in your bag. If you want to shoot the lowest score possible, select accessories that’ll help you play better.

The most important thing is that you get the most out of your time on the course.