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The Top Bed Trends in 2020 and How You Can Style Them

The Top Bed Trends in 2020 and How You Can Style Them

Turning your bedroom into a comfortable, cosy paradise all starts with your individual taste, style, and preferences on furniture and soft furnishings.

July 2nd, 2020

Turning your bedroom into a comfortable, cosy paradise all starts with your individual taste, style, and preferences on furniture and soft furnishings. The trendiest way to style your bedroom is by choosing items you love and displaying your character, ensuring it is somewhere you can completely relax, enjoy “me time” and feel at home. In 2020, there are multiple different styles of beds and bed frames that are trending that will give your bedroom a chic and stylish finish. Depending on what you are looking for, there is a style of bed that will suit everyone’s preferences. We have compiled a list of the beds that are currently right on trend and all the ways you can style them to achieve your dream bedroom.

Scandinavian Designs

A style that is becoming extremely popular and trendy, modern feel Scandinavian designs create gorgeously simple yet elegant furniture pieces. Solid wood frames that construct a handcrafted look are typical for that contemporary feel. Scandinavian styles are usually low set with no fussy features to give a totally clean, uncluttered vibe and suit a minimalistic bedroom perfectly. Accompany the Scandinavian look with draped knitted throws and accessorise with warm textiles.

Storage Beds

Exceptionally useful and practical, storage beds are a great choice to get multiple uses out of your bed. Creating more space in your room, they are ideal for both small bedrooms or large rooms. Ottoman beds offer fantastic space for all your fitted bed sheets and Divan beds have drawers that are useful for any extra items. Often designed in soft, cosy fabrics, storage beds like Ottomans make any bedroom feel cosy instantly.

Dramatic Beds

Give your bedroom the wow factor with a trending dramatic bed frame. You won’t have to add much more to your room with a stylish statement bed. Just a few popular dramatic bed frames that will suit an elegant and traditionally decorated bedroom are:

  • Upholstered bed frames
  • Four-poster bed frames
  • Sleigh style bed frames

Glamorous Beds

Make your bedroom the perfect spot for glamorous pampering by indulging in a bed frame that is styled with a luxurious material like satin, velvet, or silk. Complete the luxurious feel by decorating the surroundings of the bed with a fur rug, lace trimmings, and crystal chandeliers or lampshades if you are opting for a feminine, romantic appearance. This style is perfect for following the trendy vintage fashion that has made a huge comeback in recent years.

Platform Beds

Platform beds have advantageous styles that are often made with attached nightstands, limiting the need to invest in extra bedside furniture. Easily styled with low headboards or dramatically large, 5-foot statement headboards, the frame of platform beds tends to be low and creates a floating appearance. Platform beds are suitable for any decor with their simple look that provides plenty of space for decorating the rest of your bedroom.

Warm Rustic Styles

One of the hottest bedroom trends, using wooden, rustic elements is a simple way to create a modernistic, mainstream presentation in your room. It is a style that can be applied to not just your bed frame, but the walls, furniture, and flooring. Rustic chic details are practical and modern and match neutral decor flawlessly. The rustic style doesn’t have to take over the whole room; a wooden, rustic bed frame will do everything to provide the look. If you want to take it further, match your wardrobes, drawers and other furniture pieces to the same wooden material. Add a splash of colour or patterns to your room to brighten up the whole rustic look, and apply some unique lighting such as oak branch lamps to illuminate the charming wood cabin features.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Looking after the planet, being kind to nature, and overall doing our bit to make the world a better place is a common choice many people are making recently. This is being made easier to successfully do more and more each day. As so many companies are aiming to keep the environment healthy, bed frames made from sustainable sources and recycled materials that are friendly to the environment are easily found with a bit of research on how to choose eco-friendly furniture. You can also follow an environmentally friendly theme in your whole bedroom by using non-toxic paints, using organic bedding, and using eco-friendly lighting such as LED lights. Complete your eco-friendly bedroom by decorating with houseplants, creating a pure haven of tranquillity.

Modern High-Tech Bed Frames

Convenient, modern, and unique, 2020 offers a lot more than standard, traditional bed frames. Treat yourself to a luxury bed that has a massage system so you can easily relieve stress or body aches, or enjoy binge-watching your favourite TV shows with a bed like an Ottoman with a built-in TV to pamper yourself and enjoy ultimate relaxation every night. LED bed frames are a great way to limit any extra lighting in your bedroom, so they can be especially convenient for smaller bedrooms.


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Shades, Textures, Materials, and Colours

Warm, mellow, and neutral colours like blues, yellows, mint greens and deep, blush purples are incredibly popular this year for home decor. Grey shades have been trending hugely in 2019, and although this still continues, other neutral shades are becoming more and more prominent. Soft, weave textured fabric bed frames in vibrant shades are great choices to create a stunning, bold focal point in your room and complement neutral decor nicely. For clean and polished, modern looks, leather bed frames suit almost any theme that you have decorated with. Check out inspiration for trends and palettes on platforms like YouTube and Pinterest if you are not sure which soothing colour scheme you want to choose to give your bedroom a relaxing ambience.

Beds can easily be styled by picking a colour scheme and sticking to it. Match patterns and textures by using wall art, rugs, soft cushions, and blankets that go well with the bed frame you have chosen. Decorating and styling your bedroom is a great way to show off your characteristics and have somewhere you can put all your artsy and creative ideas together. If you want to follow a specific trend or mix and match themes that make you feel comfortable, bedrooms should be styled in a way that makes you feel good.

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