The Top Things to See and Do in Madagascar

Are you thinking of a great holiday destination this festive season? Then you need to head to this huge island that is off the south-east coast of the continent of Africa. The island nation is home to many species of animals, an example being Lemurs that you won’t find in any other place. While exploring the beaches, rainforests and reefs in the beautiful island, you might as well use some of your travel time surfing mobile games, video games and many others to pass the time. Now you can play various casino games online regardless of your time and place. Instantly check mobile casino site ( and play fun-filled online casino games on the go!

Diverse Landscape

A visit to the island will keep you busy with its diverse landscape. The gorges, sweeping canyons and grand waterfalls are some of the amazing sceneries that will keep you engaged always. You simply need to select the place you want to tour in every day of your vacation. This destination guarantees you a special treat and experience every day of your holiday, thanks to the mixture of the landscapes. You will tour the tropical jungle, the next day you can head into the subtropical forest and another you can enjoy the heat of the arid plain, all in the same country!

The following are some of the best attractions that you should expect to see once you head to Madagascar for your holidays this season.

The Tsingy Parks

They are two parks on the western coast of Madagascar, the Little Tsingy and great Tsingy. To get there, you will have to go through a rough terrain, and hence you need a four-wheel drive vehicle. If you love remote escapades and experience, these parks offer you exactly that.

Isalo National Park

Its location is the south-central area of the nation. With its rugged trails, it offers you the perfect nature for hiking. Prepare yourself accordingly with enough water and a hat to cover you from the heat of the sun. You will enjoy the great view of the canyons, a lot of fauna, gorges, cliffs and ravines.

The Baobab Avenue

It feels great to walk along and under the giant baobab trees. They can grow to a height of 98 feet with a 36 feet width. You will hence have a chance to see and touch this special tree that can live to a thousand years. These trees are unique to this country, although you will also find another genus in different regions of the world.

Nosy Be

Don’t try to end your holiday and leave Madagascar without accessing your casino games online on one of its trademark beaches. Nosy Be is a stretch of white sand beaches in the upscale side of the region, where you will enjoy the western environment and hence fit for your gaming on your mobile gadgets. There are resorts on the beach and good restaurants where you can party, dine and wine.

Ile Sainte Marie

Finally, head to the beach for the visitors who are used or would want to get the feel of the local life. It’s a cheap option that is on the eastern coast. In addition to its being a good place to relax, you will learn a lot of history from this former pirate capital.