The two sides of Majorca: A holiday for Everyone

Majorca is known for being a perfect balance between a family-friendly place with tourist attractions and a dream for party-goers with the buzzing nightlife opportunities. This is why the medatirranean island of Spain has something for everyone and therefore attracts thousands of tourists every year. In this article both sides of Majorca will be explored.

Getting to Majorca

Before we get into the places and attractions to visit in Majorca, we need to cover the actual getting there part. It is important to plan your transport ahead, as the public transport may not be accessible everywhere. It is common to get private transfers in Majorca, that could pick you up from Palma Airport and drop you off at the hotel or apartment that you pre-booked. As for the rest of the holiday, ROIG rent a car services are also something to consider for getting to the chosen attractions, as you may not be able to access all of them with public transport. It is also great for families, with the opportunity to do everything on your own time and terms.

The party side of Majorca

As mentioned before, Majorca is heaven for party-animals, with a never-sleeping town full of clubs, bars and concerts. It is popular amongst youngsters to have a short holiday in Majorca with friends just to have a bit of nightlife fun and lose themselves for the night. Here are some of the best places for a night out:

Palma old town 

The old town of Palma is buzzing with nightlife energy all year long, which is why it is the first place to go for drinks in. Besides the city being always crowded with locals and tourists, it is also home to some of the most amazing bars and clubs. The most popular ones include El Neo Gastro Bar with the best cocktails in the town, Opio with great DJ’s every night and La Havana Club with some dance opportunities.

Festivals and Fiestas 

Majorca is known for some of the best festivals in Europe that happen every summer. These are usually one to three days lasting events full of music, fireworks and parties. Therefore, if you are planning your visit in the summer, definitely check out for local events.

Beach resorts 

Beach resorts tend to be a beautiful family place during the day and turns into an all night long partying opportunity during nights. With the beautiful sea setting, this is especially busy during warm summer nights. Loved by the youth, beach resorts have plenty of choice for clubs, bars and restaurants.

Ports and Marinas

For some luxury nightlife experience, ports and marinas in Majorca are exactly the place to go. Usually they are home to better quality restaurants and clubs, which is why it is loved by visitors of all ages. After a delicious restaurant dinner you can easily find a dance floor to show off your moves.

The family-friendly Majorca

Majorca does not have to be all about parties and nightlife, as it is a beautiful family vacation destination. The island is home to some of the most impressive sightseeing opportunities and attractions. Here are some of the most popular things to do in Majorca on family holiday:

All-inclusive hotels

When visiting Majorca with the whole family, all-inclusive hotels tend to be the most common choice. This is because of how many activities you can get out of hotels alone, which will keep the whole family occupied. Spa and luxury relaxation facilities will be the needed holiday for the parents, while there will be plenty of children playgrounds and activities for youngsters to have fun at.

Water and amusement parks 

Majorca has some incredible theme parks for the whole family to spend an adventurous day in. The best water parks include the Wave House, Marineland, Hidro park and La Reserva, while the amusement parks to visit are Jungle Parc, Katmandu park and Safari Zoo.

Enjoy the Majorcan beaches

Majorca has some beautiful white sand beaches with astonishing views. Enjoying the sun on the beach for a day or two can always be fun with the family, as it is always fun for both adults and children. Besides that, there are plenty of beach bars and restaurants that you can eat in as well and most of them are children-friendly, as spanish culture is very family-oriented and look after the little ones very well.

Visit the beautiful sites

Majorca is rich with historical and natural sites that are beloved by tourists. The landscape of the island allows a lot of mountainous views, alongside the blue ocean waters. Some breathtaking ones include Cala Figuera, Calo des Moro, Es Pontas, Sa Calobra drive and Magaluf. Many of these are suited for hiking and biking, if you wish to have an active family day out.

Visit the museums 

There are also a lot of museums and galleries to visit, if you are interested in the local culture and history. Some of the most popular ones are the Es Baluard museums of modern and contemporary art, Royal Palace La Almudaina, Sculpture park and Chopin Museum.

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