Brand new At Home Hair Treatment by GENi Hair.

No, you are not dreaming you really can say goodbye to those straighteners and expensive blow-dries once and for all. From revolutionary hair and beauty company GENi Hair comes a brand new, world exclusive frizz-free do-at-home hair kit.

With just one incredibly simple application in your own home you can eliminate frizz and dryness, whilst achieving long-lasting volume and incredible silkiness for up to 12 washes. All without the need for straighteners or a trip to the salon. Put simply, It’s a game changer!

The GENi hair kit includes a Shampoo, Smoother, and a Leave-In Treatment which transforms hair and extensions in only 20 minutes for a salon-quality finish on all hair types.

– Eliminates frizz instantly for silky, shiny, straight hair
– Sulphate free, safe for natural hair extensions
– Cuts blow-dry and styling time in half
– No straighteners required reducing heat damage
– Save £100s on expensive salon treatments
– Lasts up to 12 washes
– Cruelty free, vegan friendly
– Botanical ingredients including exotic Brazilian fruits


Suitable for sensitive scalp and hair that is damaged by excessive heat and repetitive brushing. Its formula provides soft cleansing and strengthens the hair fibres.


This genius formula – applied after washing to damp hair – eliminates the frizz from your locks leaving them extra silky while pumping up the volume and shine with no nasty side effects.

Leave-In Treatment

Moisturises, strengthens and reinforces the anti-frizz effect. Provides cuticle sealing, conditioning and extends the treatment results. This luxe cream smells delicious and applied to dry and damp hair will also protect your new locks from heat treatments.

The Science Info

GENi Hair Active Technology:

This is a world-first original and unique formula, an innovative use of raw materials and brand new application system exclusive to GENi Hair. The active, L-Cysteine, is absorbed by the hair and because it is in an acidic mean (ph 2.00-3.00) it acts on the hydrogen and salt bridges breaking the structure. With the application of heat from a hair-dryer the connection is restructured with a new configuration. The transformation of the bonds are not permanent since the hydrogen and saline bonds are the weakest bonds in the hair strand, meaning, the results will last up to 12 washes.

GENi Hair is the only frizz-eliminating hair treatment kit you will ever need. So what are you waiting for? Wave bye-bye to that Brazilian blow dry! Or why not gift the luxe pink and gold Christmas brand new At Home Hair Treatment by GENi Hair pack to someone special.

RRP is £100, available from GENi Hair

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