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The Ultimate Buying Guide That Every Barber Needs

The Ultimate Buying Guide That Every Barber Needs

Being a barber is no easy job, it’s one of those professions that is easy to learn but difficult to master.

December 4th, 2021

Being a barber is no easy job, it’s one of those professions that is easy to learn but difficult to master. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn the needed skills and not everyone can do it. However, what separates exceptional barbers from mediocre ones is their expertise and their tools. The tools you use as a barber will definitely have an impact on the final result of the haircut. Without the right tools, not only will it be difficult to complete a proper haircut, but the final result might not be very satisfactory. However, for those who’re just starting out, there can be a lot of confusion about which tools to get and which tools to avoid.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most important things that should be in every buyer’s tool collection to provide a comfortable experience. Not only will these tools make your haircuts come out amazing, but they’ll also help you keep on working without tiring out. So without further delay, let’s get to it and find out all about the tools that every barber should use to gain an edge over their competition.

1. Hair Combs

One of the most common tools that you’ll find in every barbershop is a comb. There are many different types of combs available so that you can achieve the results you want. You’ll need to choose a few basic ones which have fine and thick teeth that offer maximum versatility. If you want to dig a little deeper then there are specialized ones like hair fading combs that can help you create some fresh fades. Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the combs because they’re one of the cheapest and most needed tools.

2. Clippers

Hair clippers are a much-needed utility if you want to save a substantial amount of time. Clippers are useful for cutting larger masses of hair that would otherwise have taken a lot of time. There’s a huge variety of clippers available in the market from cordless ones to wired ones. Clippers usually come with length adjustment as well, which allows you to control the length of the hair that you’re cutting.

3. Scissors

The tried and tested tool that’s a necessity for any barber are of course scissors. There are so many scissors designed for many different jobs that you’ll have a hard time choosing just one. From trimming mustaches to creating texture in the hair, scissors are useful in a wide variety of cases. However, you have to make sure that you only get the sharpest and most high-quality scissors that won’t tire your hands out. Every barber has their own preferences and some of them even like to get themselves highly specialized Japanese style scissors that make the cutting and snipping of hair an effortless task. Whatever scissors you choose, make sure that they’re made of a high-quality material that won’t rust over time.

4. Trimmers

Trimmers are the highly specialized little brothers of clippers. While clippers are used to cut masses of hair at once, trimmers are used to add in the finer details. You can create very intricate fades and manipulate beards with your trimmer which isn’t usually possible with clippers. Trimmers are very precise due to the adjustable lengths that vary much more than clippers which makes them a must-have for any barber.

5. Straight-Bladed Razors

These razors are much more than the outdated blades people might think they are. There’s a reason why so many barbers still use this classic piece of equipment despite there being so many advancements in other types of razors. The precision with which these razors operate is unmatched, they’re used to trim the sides of the neck, ears, and other minor details. Many barbers even shave using these razors because of the clean-cut it provides. However, these razors do need a bit of practice before using so that you don’t end up hurting the customers.

These are some of the most important tools that every barber should own in their shop and they’ll make your life much easier. Some of these tools are so important that you just can’t operate a barbershop without having them and some of these tools are just bonus additions that make your job way easier. Whatever tools you purchase, just remember to opt for high-quality ones that can withstand continuous use without tiring you out. Usually, the more premium tools are designed to be comfortable for both you and your customers so you should opt for them instead.



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