The Ultimate Guide To Proofreading An Essay In 2019

If you want a good grade and to make a good impression on your teacher, you need to know the best way to proofread your essay. There is nothing a reader finds more irritating than having to read a paper that has lots of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Knowing that as a fact, try some of these great tips that will help you with this complicated process. 

Rest Before Reading

Your eyes and brain get tired from constant reading. Your body is hotwired to skip over things quickly when it feels this way. The best thing to do before sitting down for a read-through is to have a nap or walk around the park. This will give your concentration levels a chance to reboot. Never try to do your writing, editing, and proofreading in one sitting.

Create an Environment that is Distraction-Free

Once you have cleared your mind and put yourself in the mood for a hard session of concentration, make sure the place where you decide to do your proofreading is free from distractions. If you are in a noisy environment, you should consider going to the library. If this is not an option, seriously think about getting some noise canceling headphones.

Read Through Your Essay Out Loud

When you read out words aloud, you have to register each sword and punctuation in your brain. This process is helpful for you to be able to hear any errors, not just see them. Our eyes are notoriously good at skipping over things that they presume are there— your ears can’t do this. If this seems like too much bother, you can copy and paste your essay into a text-to-speech computer program and listen to what you have written over your headphones.

Know Your Mistakes

Writing an essay at a higher academic level means that it will not be your first time proofreading your work. By now, you will have a reasonably good idea as to what your mistakes you are prone to during the writing process. There are some words that our fingers will automatically type without us even being aware of it. Be sure to check your essay for these errors. If this seems like a difficult thing to do, you should consider using essay proofreading services to help you along with the process.

Don’t Rely on Spelling and Grammar Checkers

The companies that sell these (expensive) additional proofreading aids like to create a feeling of fear in the public that their writing will be disastrous without it. In fact, they are not infallible and shouldn’t be relied upon to take the place of a real proofread. If there is a spelling/grammar checker built into your writing system, this should be perfectly adequate and free.

If you find yourself a proofreading partner to help you out, you can be sure that a second pair of eyes will assist you to find the mistakes you may have missed in your essay.  

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