Summer months are synonymous with sunshine, poolside, and beach vacations. So, if you plan to spend your time by the pools and beaches, buying a good-quality and flattering swimsuit set is vital.

The choice can get confusing with so many different types, designs, and materials. To overcome that, the key is to identify your body type and pick up a swimsuit that complements you on

This short yet comprehensive guide will walk you through the ideal swimsuit designs for everybody.

Identify your Body Type

Understanding your body type is the most effective way to identify which swimsuit would work for you.

Here’s a breakdown of the different body types:

Hourglass – Balanced shoulders, bust, and hips with a defined waist.

Pear – Curvier hips and thighs compared to the shoulders and bust.

Apple – Fuller bust and midsection with slimmer legs

Rectangle – Straight figure with minimal definition between waist, hips, and shoulders.

Inverted triangle – Broad shoulders with narrower hips and bust.

Once you have analyzed your body type, you can move to the next section to determine your ideal swimwear type.

Finding Your Perfect Swimsuit Match

To make the choices easier and more accessible, we have tried to list down the options based on the body types we explored before:

1. Hourglass

If you have an hourglass body shape, you can rock any swimsuit. From bikinis with underwire tops and tie-up side bottoms to one piece with cut-out details, you can efficiently work around all the options. Any of the swimwear you buy will flaunt your curves. You want to find pieces with ruching at the waist to define the hourglass figure further.

2. Pear

With a pear figure, you want to opt for a swimsuit that will balance your proportions well. In that case, halter tops with fun necklines are a great option. You can pair them with high-waisted bottoms to provide a more flattering look to your midsection and elongate your legs for a stunning look. Bandeau tops with quirky bottoms are also a great option.

3. Apple

When choosing a swimsuit with an apple figure, you want to opt for options that elongate your torso and define your waist. Empire waist one-piece suits with shirring or ruching flatter your midsection, while wrap styles create an illusion of curves. Another option is tankinis, which have a more synched appearance around the abdomen for a snatched look.

4. Rectangle

Having a rectangle body requires you to create the illusion of curves. So, you want to pick up pieces that add ruching around the waist or have a tighter and high-waist bottom for a more detailed curve appearance. Also, color blocking helps differentiate the bust from the waist, adding more definition to the body.

5. Inverted Triangle

Lastly, when you have an inverted triangle appearance, you want to minimize the appearance of the broad shoulders and accentuate your lower body. In such cases, strapless tops or sweetheart necklines in your tops for the swimsuit work great. For the bottoms, you want to stick to high-waisted bottoms or boy leg cuts that will give it a fuller appearance.


With so many different styles of swimsuits, picking a swimsuit type that works for you is vital. You want to feel confident, look great, and rock the aesthetic you are going for. So, start by identifying your body type first and then pick up swimsuit pieces that will complement you and enable you to flaunt your looks better.


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