Tropical oceans may still seem a distant pipe dream as we continue to languor in lockdown in our grey English winter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for the day we can explore once more.

Learning to dive was on my New Year’s Resolution list last year, meaning it automatically rolled over to 2021…and and may at this rate even stretch into 2022. For a while it looked as though that was one item on the vision board that wasn’t getting ticked off, so imagine my joy at discovering that the world’s leading scuba diver training organisation PADI runs online tuition to prep you for the day you can get back to the blue. If, like me, you’re keen to keep busy and challenge your mind during lockdown – not to mention having something to look forward to – then read on. You might not have thought it would be possible to learn to dive from home (nobody’s bath tub is that deep…) but surprisingly, PADI has a range of online courses for the whole family.

The convenient, interactive study option to their online course allows you to learn anytime, anywhere, using videos, audio, graphics, reading and short quizzes to help you learn and gauge progress. Starting your diving adventures from home at your own pace, you’re given a year to complete the online portion and the option to connect with a PADI Dive Centre to complete your in-water training when they open again, ready to dive right in and complete the certification with your instructor. There’s never been a better time to put your mind to learning new things and given House of Coco’s penchant for ocean-based adventures, we know you’ll love this as much as we do.

Having only attempted diving once – in the FREEZING cold Atlantic off Gran Canaria no less – I’m excited to start my course. Fingers crossed for a Caribbean sojourn later this year to put it into practise!

PADI has over 200 Dive Centres located across the UK and 6,750 across the globe, meaning the possibilities for amazing diving experiences are endless. For more information about PADI eLearning, either contact a PADI Dive Centre or check out their online courses here.


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