The Ultimate Washing Machine Hacks

Laundry can sometimes be very overwhelming, particularly when you have a family. Instead of saving all of your washing until one day of the week, you find yourself using your machine more frequently.

An essential appliance for keeping your clothes and linen clean, but how often do you clean your washing machine? It’s important to keep up with maintenance of machine by doing a weekly rinse with anti-limescale powder or white vinegar to keep bacteria and bad odours at bay. Leaving the door open after a finished cycle will help aerate the drum and wiping down the door seal of excess moisture will discourage damp or mildew festering in your machine.

If you want to learn more helpful hacks that’ll make you a laundry day boss, then check out Beko’s infographic below for 20 top tips including solutions to common machine malfunctions, essential garment care and washing tips that’ll change your life.


Laundry Hacks and Washing Machine Tips
Provided by Beko

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