We often discuss the items we should pack when going on vacation, but what about those that you aren’t allowed to bring on a plane or to an international country? It’s very important for every traveler to make a list of the items they should and shouldn’t carry when traveling – not only because it saves you from unnecessary embarrassment, but it will also protect you from legal issues. If you are a frequent business traveler or simply a tourist who loves to travel to different places, you should be aware of the things that shouldn’t be in your carry on.

However, it’s not just your carryon luggage you need to worry about! You need to double-check your suitcase and other bags to ensure that there’s nothing that will get you into trouble in your own country or internationally. Check our list of the items that every traveler must avoid and be sure to pack your bags accordingly.

3.4 Ounces of Liquids

The large bottle of your shampoos, lotions and other liquids must go into your checkin luggage instead of carryon. These liquid restrictions are strictly followed at all airports – no matter where you are traveling. For those liquid you must have in your carryon, put them in containers no bigger than 100mL and pack them in a transparent plastic bag. Any liquid container above this limit will not be allowed on the plane, even if it is only half full.

Plan your toiletries in advance to get a better idea of the amount of liquid stuff you will need while traveling. Additionally, travel restrictions vary for liquid medicines so it’s best to check the laws of your destination country before packing your medicines. In most countries, passengers must tell the agent that they are carrying liquid medicines, in addition to other liquid items.

Sharp Objects

This doesn’t need explanation. Knives, scissors, nail cutters, and other sharp objects that can be used for self-defense or attacks are absolutely prohibited. As a general rule, you must avoid any sharp object in your carry-on bag and you are planning to bring any sharp objects, you must pack them in your luggage that will go in the hold. Nail cutters are acceptable, as long as that they are no more than four inches long. However, this is the general rule set by the TSA, but the final decision depends on the agents screening your bag at the airport. So, it is better to avoid carry these items altogether.

Although the TSA has approved plastic and round-bladed knives for your carry-on, the rules regarding knives and scissors may vary from country to country. The only exception is glass. Despite being a sharp object, TSA approves glass for carry-ons. So, if you are wondering if it’s safe to bring a pair of reading glasses on a plane, know that there is no rule that restricts taking your glasses on the plane.

Sporting Items

Any sports accessory, including but not limited to:

  • Cricket bat
  • Bows and arrows
  • Golf clubs
  • Hockey sticks
  • Ski poles

Must not be packed in your carry-on bag, as they can be used as the weapon, so be sure to check them in. Alternatively, you can rent these sports items once you have reached the destination.

CBD and Vaping Devices

CBD is associated with strict laws that vary from country to country. The TSA restricts CBD oilsand other cannabis-related products, especially if the THC concentration in the product is above 0.3 percent. Then again, the rules might vary depending on the country you are traveling to.

Therefore, there is a very high chance you will not make it past the security agents without getting caught while carrying CBD products. Your carry-on luggage are checked thoroughly for liquids, weapons, and other prohibited stuff. Note that these restrictions apply not only to your carry-on but also checked luggage. You will get into serious trouble if you are caught with cannabidiol, whether in a vaping pen, edible form, or something else.

Flammable Items

Flammable items are strictly prohibited on planes for obvious reasons. If fireworks are an absolute necessity for you, consider buying them when you arrive at your destination. Similarly, safety matches are not allowed on planes. However, lighters are allowed in your carry-on, but only if they don’t contain lighter fuel. For further information about the restrictions for flammable items for travelers, visit the TSA website.

The luggage restrictions in the USA are different to those in New Zealand and Saudi Arabia, for example. Therefore, it is best to go over the instructions on the official government website of your destination to learn more about the items you must not carry when traveling, to make sure your awesome trip is not marred by issues at the airport.


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