Anyone over a certain age will remember the metal instruments of torture also known as dental braces. They had to be fitted by a certain age or you were condemned to a life of wonky teeth. Thankfully, there have been massive strides in dentistry since those days and braces are no longer just for kids. Those with access to such facilities as the Weybridge dental practice will probably already know about the difference invisible braces can make to your life. If you want to know more read on.

What Exactly are Invisible Braces?

Custom made to fit you, and correct your personal issue, invisible braces are a series of aligners that gradually straighten your teeth over time. They are made from a clear medical grade plastic and when you see one it will resemble a mouth guard used by sportsmen. They are significantly thinner however, much less noticeable and a lot more comfortable. They are non-toxic, can easily be removed for cleaning and have no impact on how you talk or eat.

So How do They Work?

There are no screws to turn or adjustments to be made. Every few weeks, when an aligner has fulfilled its purpose, you will be given a brand new one to take your teeth to the next stage. This is a lengthy process but so worthwhile. As adult teeth are more solid in the jawbone than youngsters it has to be a very slow and gradual process. The average length of time of treatment is 12-14 months but this is very dependent on what results you are seeking, how crooked your teeth are to begin with and whether you also want gaps between teeth eradicated.

Are There Any Other Benefits?

Discreet – If you have a job that involves dealing with people on a one to one basis you don’t want to draw attention to your mouth. Invisible braces will allow you to do your job without worrying about your braces being visible.

Very Easy to Clean – Traditional braces often led to decalcification and tooth decay as it was so difficult to brush and floss with them in place. Invisible braces just pop off so you can continue with your dental hygiene routine as well as keeping the braces themselves clean.

Much Safer-Make no mistake, straightening teeth is no easy fix. You are effectively moving them into a different position so force has got to be applied. One of the main problems this can lead to is root resorption. This is when the actual root of the tooth breaks down and can lead to tooth loss. Because the force exerted by invisible braces are much slower and gradual than old-style braces the rate of root resorption suffered by wearers is much much lower.

Gentler on Your Teeth-When metal braces have done their job and are removed they can also take some of the tooth enamel off with them. This type of enamel scouring simply doesn’t exist with invisible braces as there are no harsh materials coming in contact with the teeth and no adhesive used to hold them in place.


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