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Pure botanicals from Scotland are used in all Seilich skincare products.

Seilich are passionate about producing natural beauty and skincare products based on the floral waters of native Scottish plant species. The wildflowers grown in the Seilich meadow are distilled in small batches before being transformed into beautiful products.

We are in awe of the Seilich Face Mists, which combine wildlife friendly floral waters with moisturisers. Each face mist has a selection of botanical extracts including oat and comfrey. These botanicals will help to soothe and hydrate your skin.

There are three face mists in the collection, you will need a specific mist depending on your skincare requirements.

Rose and Mallow

Overall, this botanical combination harbours a calming energy and smells absolutely divine. Made from wild rose petals handpicked from local hedgerows and mallow flowers grown in the Seilich meadow. In addition, these plants contain compounds that provide nourishing, soothing and balancing properties for your skin. Good if you have normal and mature skin.

Mint and Yarrow

The botanical combination of mint and yarrow harbours an energizing energy and has a fresh aroma. Both the peppermint and yarrow are grown in the Seilich meadow. Furthermore, these plants contain compounds that provide calming, refreshing, astringent and cooling properties to your skin. Good if you have normal and aggravated, combination, or an oily skin type, as well as a great morning pick me up!

Chamomile and Wild Carrott

Botanical combinations offer a relaxing energy and also give off a sweet hay-like aroma. Once again, the roman chamomile and wild carrot are grown in the Seilich meadow. Above all, these plant compounds are calming and soothing to your skin, whilst providing anti-inflammatory and mildly astringent properties. Good if you have normal and aggravated, or a sensitive skin type. Also, great as a relaxing evening ritual.

Consequently, the Seilich Face Mists are 100% Natural, 100% Palm Oil free, 95% Organic, 100% Vegan, 100% Cruelty free, and 100% GMO free.

Priced at £20 (50ml) each, from

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