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6 Concept Hotels to Visit at Least Once

Here at House of Coco, there is a never shortage of new places to discover.

Here at House of Coco, there is a never shortage of new places to discover. We round up the best concept hotels in the world; from the Arctic Circle to the caves of Capadoccia. These amazing concept hotels are a must in any traveller’s bucket list – and are all definitely Team Coco approved.

IceHotel, Jukkasjärvi Sweden

Just 200 kilometres north of the Artic Circle, sits the Icehotel – a marvel of both architectural design and natural splendour. The first hotel of its kind, The Icehotel undergoes a metamorphosis every year, with its rooms and being built over the winter and melting away with the coming of spring. The Torne River supplies enough ice (about 4000 tons of ice every ten-seconds), for the Icehotel to rebuild itself every winter. Artists, architects, industrial engineers, and graphic designers from all over the world come to the small village of Jukkasjärvi to take part in the process.

If you are planning to visit the Icehotel in spring don’t fret – The hotel also offers a year round experience with Icehotel365 – all thanks to its solar panels. Icehotel365 is a sprawling 2100 square metre space that houses nine deluxe suites, eleven art suites, a private sauna, and an ice bar — maintained at a constant negative five degrees Celsius. In collaboration with Hans Eek, Swedish architect and sustainability designer, Icehotel365 runs from the solar power gained from the midnight sun; thus combining state-of-the-art architecture with a minimal carbon footprint. A unique and sustainable concept that Team Coco can definitely get behind.

Baraza Resort & Spa, The Zanzibar Collection

There are not a lot of destinations in the world that beget the same magic and mystery as Zanzibar. In this idyllic island paradise, the Zanzibar Collection’s selection of luxury five-star properties undeniably makes for the ultimate island getaway.

On the southeastern coast of the exotic island, the Baraza Resort & Spa is carefully designed to reflect the island’s stunning natural beauty with the history and culture of the Omani Arabs who inhabited this tropical paradise. The resort boasts thirty luxury villas, each one evoking the magical era of sultans; and filled with exquisite luxury amenities. They also offer a gorgeous Yoga in Paradise concept that combines the benefits of Yoga with an array of island activities including; scuba diving, Swahili cooking lessons, swimming with dolphins, and spa treatments at the world-renowned Frangipani Spa. The Baraza Resort & Spa is definitely on top of our list for a rejuvenating retreat in one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Hotel Heureka, Venice Italy

The recently opened Hotel Heureka is a gorgeous new design hotel concept in Venice, combining grandeur and history. The property dates back to the 16th century, and the renovation has taken into account all the possible modern luxuries any discerning traveller would desire. If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to live the life of Venetian nobility, then the Hotel Heureka has the perfect atmosphere for you.

Located in the vibrant northwestern Sestiere of Cannaregio, (it’s the Notting Hill of Venice) the Hotel Heureka lets you experience the decadence of a traditional Venetian palazzo, with its gorgeous Italian mosaics and vaulted ceilings. The hotel overlooks the Madonna dell’Orto canal, and an elegant stone balustrade decorates its classic façade. Built around the layout of a “portego” which is a typical Venetian passage, the Hotel Heureka masterfully maintains the unique dictates of traditional Venetian architecture; and within its classical walls, a twist of contemporary design plays out. With ten beautiful rooms, each one distinct in character with Rubelli silks at the windows, Lacroix tapestries as bedheads, and the most sensational bathrooms, you can be sure that a stay here will be unique. Rather like the art in the house, by Julian Kohl. So, if you ever find yourself in Venice, call in for a fresh Spritz in the private garden; it’s the best place to immerse yourself in the grandiose spirit of this magical city.

Museum Hotel, Capadoccia Turkey

The Museum Hotel sits in a very special region in Cappadocia and is undeniably one of the most extraordinary hotels in the world. Built within the picturesque stone cliffs of the Tekeli District, the Museum Hotel is a combination of thousand-year-old historical ruins, natural caves, and stone houses — all impeccably restored for the modern age.

No two rooms in the Museum Hotel are the same. Each of the hotel’s thirty rooms are built from natural yellow stone, and filled with priceless antiquities from the Ottoman, Seljuk, Roman, and Hittite periods. Surrounded by all this history, it is no wonder that the Museum’s Hotel “living museum” concept lives up to its name, with the hotel being the only Relais & Chateaux accredited property in the whole of Turkey. Not to mention, each room boasts panoramic views of the inimitable Capdoccian landscape; where you can see Mt.Ecriyes, the Red Valley, and Love Valley from the distance. Definitely Team Coco approved.

Levin Iglut-Golden Crown, Finland

There’s are very few natural wonders as mesmerising as the Northern lights; and at the Levin Glut-Golden Crown, not only do you get the best view of this rare and beautiful sight, you also get the best glass igloo experience that the Finnish Lapland has to offer.

The family-operated Levin Iglut Golden Crown is located at a dizzying 340 metres above sea level, at the very top of the Levi Fell and with picturesque views of the Fell Landscape. Their twenty-four glass igloos are roofed over with heated glass and are fully equipped with luxury amenities. If you are travelling in a bigger group, then the Northern Lights House, which features two large double bedrooms, a private sauna and jacuzzi, and a panoramic window for Northern lights viewing — is perfect for you. It seems that every aspect of the Levin Iglut takes advantage of its gorgeous natural surroundings. The hotel’s restaurant, Aurora Sky, allows guests to enjoy locally sourced Scandinavian flavours with an unobstructed view of the spectacular icy landscapes below.

Niyama Private Islands, Maldives

Team Coco loves an island getaway, but the Niyama Private Islands disrupts the luxury island concept over its head with its unparalleled set of culinary experiences. Ever wondered what it was like to have a gourmet meal at the bottom of the sea? Niyama Private Island shows you how.

Set across two private islands connected by a single wooden bridge that traverses the Indian Ocean, this special Maldivian resort in the South-Western atoll of Dhaalu takes barefoot luxury to the next level. The twin islands are appropriately named Play and Chill – each one with its own distinctive feel and exclusive dining experiences. It is an understatement to say that the culinary concepts on offer at Niyama Private Islands are some of the most unique in the world. Tribal is the only African restaurant in the Maldives, while Edge is the hotel’s floating fine dining restaurant set 1 km out at sea. Nest is an Asian fusion restaurant set high above in the tree tops that offers a gravity-defying dining experience like no other. On the other end of the spectrum is Subsix – an underwater restaurant that allows Niyama Private Island’s guests to eat at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Niyama Private Islands not only allows guests to experience the paradisiacal surroundings of the Maldives, but also invites them to expand their culinary boundaries, and should definitely be on any food-lover bucket list.

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