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Things to Ask Your Liability Insurance Company

Things to Ask Your Liability Insurance Company

Not many people fully understand their liability insurance.

June 1st, 2020

Not many people fully understand their liability insurance. Research has shown that up to about 60% of people do not fully understand what exactly it is they are buying and as a result, there happen to be misunderstandings, and also, they do not fully claim all of the benefits involved in their liability insurance. The first way to understand anything is by asking. This article highlights a couple of questions to ask your Liability Insurance Company. Also, see here for your General Liability.

Things to ask Your Liability Insurance Company.

This article will be in two segments that cover all kinds of liability insurance; business liability insurance, personal liability insurance, general liability insurance, home liability insurance et cetera. This article will be divided into;

  1. Questions to ask your liability insurance for clarity
  2. Questions to ask before buying into an insurance policy.

Questions to ask your Liability Insurance for Clarity

Whether it is personal insurance or business liability insurance, for clarity on the benefits, coverage, and distinctions of your insurance policy.

  1. Does my insurance policy cover all of my needs? Here you would be asked to highlight your coverage needs and then you can go ahead to evaluate what your insurance policy covers. Also, if you are unsatisfied with the previous coverage, you could ask for coverage on specific needs.
  2. What is covered and what isn’t covered? Here you may just be surprised to learn you need different kinds of insurance policies to cover specific needs and that general liability does not cover all
  3. What Property Should I unsure of? If you have a whole lot of property, some may be worth more than others and require much insurance. On the other hand, for finance’s sake, you may not be able to afford insurance on it all. Here, your insurance provider could provide advice on what to and what to not insure.
  4. If need be. How do I ask for claims? The sole purpose of insurance is to make claims when needs arose. However, not everyone can make claims.
  5. Limitations to my Policy include? To understand whether or not you would need a new type of insurance, you should ask for the limitations of your insurance policy. This included time of coverage and types of coverage

Questions To ask your insurance provider before buying into an insurance policy.

There are similarities between questions to ask your insurance provider for clarity and questions to ask before buying into an insurance policy. These similarities include asking;

  • Limitations to the insurance policy; here you get to understand if you need other kinds of insurance apart from the original
  • How to ask for claims
  • What does the Insurance cover

Other questions to ask your insurance provider include;

  1. How do I know the kind of insurance that I do need? Here, the person in charge should ask you to highlight why you need insurance, and then with the basic facts supplied, they would recommend the perfect insurance policy that you indeed need.
  2. What are the payment plans? The payment plans for your insurance could be in installments that are monthly, quarterly, etc. On the other hand, it could be a lump sum of money. There are also payment plans known as umbrella policies that could cover additional risks at extra costs.
  3. How do I save costs? If you would need different kinds of coverages that imply you need multiple insurance policies, you can always ask for a bundled insurance coverage from your insurance provider. Bakery insurance cost will be different from salon insurance cost.


Knowing the right questions to ask will fetch you the right answers and help you understand insurance policies and see if they are perfect for you.



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