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6 things to do in Mauritius … outside of your resort

Le Heritage Telfair Resort & Golf Club is a truly stunning five-star hotel in Mauritius.

Le Heritage Telfair Resort & Golf Club is a truly stunning five-star hotel in Mauritius. With various pools, unobstructed views of the Indian Ocean and a great mix of food and beverage outlets to ensure your time there is always exciting.

So it’s unlikely you’ll experience cabin fever a few days after checking in but they also encourage visitors to the south of the island to get out and about locally.

Here are six things House of Coco recommends adding to your itinerary during your trip.

1. Seven Coloured Earth Geopark

Exactly what it sounds like, visitors to Mauritius flock to see this incredible site of multicolored volcanic soil that believe it or not, isn’t an art instillation. This natural phenomenon on the southwest of the island is made up of red brown, purple, blue, yellow and violet dunes that got its rainbow look from ferric oxide and aluminum oxide left in the process of decomposing clay in the country’s hot and humid conditions from, both of which repel each other and cause a separation of colours.

Rain water created the beautiful swirling patterns that makes the geological site in the Chamarel area not only the perfect backdrop for a photograph but a stunning image in itself. Sit back with a coffee at the cafe and take it all in or climb to a higher viewing deck from the other side of the park to see it in all its glory. Make sure to grab a bag of Café de Chamarel coffee from the souvenir shop before you leave as it’s only available locally and unique because its grown in the rare soil.


2. Tortoise Park

After seeing 600 million years of history, stop by next door to see centuries old tortoises imported from the Seychelles (native saddle-back tortoises went extinct in the early 18th century). The oldest one to have lived at the park died at 250 years old but the average lifespan of these Aldabra tortoises are 150 years and they can get as long as one metre.

While children love watching the creatures slowly much away on grass at this area of the park, adults will be in awe of the second largest species of tortoise in the world.


3. Chamarel Waterfalls

Heritage Resorts’ domaine provides the opportunity to bathe in a waterfall during their forest bathing experience. But at Chamarel’s park where the country’s largest single-drop waterfall is located. The 100-metre-high attraction is visible from various levels that show off how truly massive this natural wonder is. If you’re feeling like getting a few extra thousand steps in take the three-hour trek down to the bottom for a rewarding dip in the water that pours in Saint Denis River and reaches rush speeds of 40,000 m3 per minute.


4. Mauritius beaches

The waterfall flows straight into Baie du Cap, a small scenic village that provides some of the greatest views for a coastal drive. Wishing the Savanne district, head to La Prairie Beach favored by families and pets due to its shallow water, but along the way, stop for a short climb to up a viewing deck to experience the blue waters from a different angle. It’s guaranteed to be windy but that’s what makes the Baie du Cap’s lagoon a prime spot for windsurfing. Look for a break in the coral reef near La Maconde where the water suddenly drops to 2,000 meters deep. It’s popular with brave surfers but also sharks.

Book your excursion with Mautourco.


5. Chamarel Rum Distillery

Rhumerie de Chamarel’s sugar cane-filled domain in the southwest part of the island offers guided tours and tastings of this famous beverage. Heritage Resorts hosts free tasting sessions for the brand but to fully immerse yourself in all there is to know about the aging process and how to enjoy it with food – such as wild pig and deer – it’s worth a visit to the estate. Don’t leave without browsing the collections of bottles at the gift shop once you know whether you’re more inclined to enjoy vanilla, spiced or one of the other offerings.

6. Curious Corner of Chamarel

Embrace your silly side at CCC which was created by three Brits while drinking Chamarel Rum. Half outdoor, half indoor, it’s the ideal activity during a rain shower but equally won’t take you out of the sun for too long on days when the weather is perfect. It’s a great way to mix things up during your getaway and is guaranteed to provide laughs with its mind-boggling areas.

Begin with an escape room task which leads into an upside room that will ironically drive up the wall. Ever wanted to see what it’s like to be a giant? Play with optical illusions that trick the eye with sizing. Create music in group interactive laser experience and good luck trying to figure out how to get through the mirror maze room.

House of Coco particularly enjoyed channelling our inner action movie star and creating an image that looked like we’s narrowly avoided dropping down an elevator shaft!