Switzerland is one of the world’s most innovative countries but also one of the most expensive. Living in Basel, Switzerland’s third-largest city is an experience most residents can’t trade for anything else. The German-speaking city is largely populated by expats. Other popular languages spoken here include English, Italian and French.

This dynamism in language extends to the culture which is pretty diverse, thanks to the thousands of international visitors that grace the city streets daily.

Are you planning to relocate to Basel, Switzerland and looking for directions? This quick offers a breakdown of everything to consider to make the whole process a success.


When looking for a place to stay in Basel, there’s no shortage of options to consider. You can do the searching yourself or hire a relocation company to do the work provided you specify your needs and requirements.

If you are relocating from another country or city, we recommend that you first seek temporary accommodation. You can then look for your long-term home at your own pace from there.

Most flats in Switzerland are company-owned and require you to contact them to schedule a visit. This is because a lot of them have specific visiting dates and times.

Once you’re satisfied with an apartment, fill out the formal application form and send it to the company. You may be asked to provide your permit, employment contract and proof of salary, recommendations, and any other relevant information. Worth noting is that it can be especially tough to get your rental application accepted if you don’t have a job or a permit.

A clean two-room apartment in a desirable neighborhood in Basel will cost from 1300-1700 CHF a month, or 2000 CHF and higher for much larger units. Fully furnished apartments tend to be more expensive, with prices ranging between 700 and 5,000 CHF.

In addition, most rental companies will ask for a deposit of two to three months and a parking fee of about 200 CHF per month.

Medical services

Basel’s medical facilities are among the best in Europe. Both the suburbs and the city center have efficient and well-staffed hospitals with large numbers of chemists and doctors. The healthcare system in the city operates in such a way that you can choose the doctor to treat you and your family.

However, medical treatment in Switzerland is privately funded, and regardless of your visa type, you must obtain medical insurance within the first three months of your stay. Only people with a cross-border authorization who live in Germany but work in Switzerland are exempted.

There are a variety of health insurance service providers to choose from, each with its own set of features and benefits. If you’re not married and don’t have any underlying health conditions, you’ll pay roughly 350 CHF each month for coverage. Additionally, if you get insurance in the third month, you will have to pay for the preceding two months.

Applying for health insurance is simple; choose your preferred provider you want, present to them all the required documents, including your passport and permit, and then wait for your insurance to be processed.

It’s worth noting that dental charges are not covered by most of the available health insurance. But for companies that do, you’ll be required to pay more.

Language Barrier

Basel is located on the border of Germany and France. Even though the city is influenced by its neighbors, most residents are multilingual (speaking regional languages and English). Even if you speak some German, you may not be able to grasp the local language because Swiss German can be incomprehensible even to a native German speaker.

If you are planning a long-term move to Switzerland, we highly advise you consider taking some language classes. This is because the local language and dialect are important elements of Swiss business culture.

Fun Activities

Basel holds many intriguing and exciting activities throughout the year and you will rarely have a boring day while here. For example, during the Christmas season, it transforms into a true fantasy setting, with little Christmas houses and markets strewn across the city.

People with flutes and other instruments march around, singing and playing various songs and melodies. The entire city comes alive with spectacular shows, carnivals and other memorable activities.


Basel is one of the most fun cities in the world that also offers a high-level quality of life. With the best of everything, this is the ideal place for anyone seeking a place to visit or relocate to in Switzerland. We hope you enjoy your stay here!


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