The thought of buying a used car can be a scary one: will the car be a good deal or immediately break down on you? How do you know you can trust the vendor? And so on. But there are ways to protect yourself from unscrupulous car dealers and get the used car of your dreams for a fair price. Here’s how:

Do Research

Make a list of the questions that you will need answers to, and then work your way through the list, using the internet, asking trusted friends or family, and comparing factors such as durability, reliability and scam warnings across several different sites and vendors. You will quickly discover who offers the best deals on used cars in San Diego, and who is best avoided. This process can also help you find the best make and model to choose.

Check Reviews

Once you have a shortlist of car models, an idea of your driving needs and a budget, both for buying the vehicle in the first place and for maintaining the car once you are its proud owner, you can start winnowing down your choices by reading reviews.

Assess the reviews and choose your vehicle, vendor and terms and conditions based on the reviews that seem to have the same criteria as you, and this will help to ensure that you have an easy and effortless car-buying experience.

Reputable dealer

Always – but always – buy your car from a reputable dealer. This can be trickier than it sounds: unscrupulous businessmen will pay people to provide good reviews for them, and will put on a very believable show of being reputable and trustworthy. When you are considering a purchase, try to narrow down your choice of dealer quite early on and make a point of popping in two or three times before you actually commit to buying a vehicle from them: a reputable vendor will take the time to build a rapport with you, whereas someone aiming to extract the maximum of money from you for a minimum of any effort on their part will quickly reveal their shadier side. To experience a highly positive car purchase, visit KAP Motors Used Cars Brighton Showroom and get the most amazing deals today. Shop here for more reliable sources to buying used cars with a reputable dealers.


You may not realise that car financing is not just for new cars. Many reputable used car dealers offer excellent financial terms on their vehicles, and will often offer warranties on your new-to-you vehicle besides.

Once you have all the information you need, you can set off to your chosen dealership with peace of mind and the confidence of knowing what you are looking for.


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