If, like us, you tactically worked through your drinks cabinet on New Year’s to usher in a month off the sauce, you might be in the market for some crisp cold ones. You are not alone, according to recent research from Ice Headshop, the UK comes a close second after Sweden in Europe to attempt Dry January. With this market booming, No/low alcohol beer has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years so it’s time to get excited about Friday night drinks.

Brewdog Punk AF IPA, £1.69 from Whole Foods Market

Scotland’s worst kept secret, Brewdog have crafted an alcohol-free companion to their favourite Punk IPA. If you like the alcoholic version, you’ll be getting all of the tropical flavour with none of the buzz. Brewdog are doing all the Dry January folk a solid by making a number of their other heavy hitters without the booze – be sure to check out the juicy Hazy Jane AF, the crispy Lost Lager AF, and hoppy Nanny State AF. Fill the fridge for your next friend hang.

Athletic Brewery: Golden Ale Upside Dawn £2.19 from Whole Foods Market

What’s better than a great alcohol-free beer from a trusted brewer? Try a brewer that specialises in alcohol free. Proud American B Corp, Athletic Brewery are just that. Their Golden Ale Upside Dawn presents a classic and refreshing light-bodied vegan friendly ale with those all-so-tasty floral notes. Athletic Brewery aim to create alcohol-free beers to be enjoyed proudly so you may find these become a staple tipple even past the end of this long, dark month.

Nirvana Brewery Pale Ale £2.49 from Nirvana Brewery

Back this side of the pond is family-owned Nirvana, the UK’s only dedicated alcohol-free brewery popping caps on some delicious beers. With a range from a dark, rich Stout through to a sparky Bavarian Helles Lager, there’s plenty to get excited about. Our pick is the zesty Pale Ale which we’ll raise to toast the female founder Becky Kean, one of Management Today’s 35 under 35 winners in 2022. You know us, always here to support women owned businesses – cheers!

Guinness 0.0 now available in pubs & £4.50/4 cans from supermarkets

Looking for something dark and sensuous on these cold evenings? What will warm your soul more than a pint of Guinness? Guinness 0.0 is brewed the same way as it’s boozy brother, with the alcohol being taken out in the final cold filtration stage. Savour the chocolate and coffee hints and creamy texture with none of the fuzzy head the next morning. Winner.

Brew by Numbers Blood Orange Pale Ale & Lucky Saint Lager, DryDrinker.com January Craft Beer Box £25.24

Why not treat yourself to a whole box of no and low alcohol goodness from the UK’s number 1 specialist? Your tastebuds will be tantalised by a selection of 8 of the best booze free craft beers out there including a Blood Orange Pale Ale from Brew by Numbers, the delicious Lucky Saint lager and an unusual Low Alcohol Smoked Porter. Who said Dry January had to be boring?

Sagres 0.0% £25 for 24 cans from Wanderlust Drinks Company

Wanderlust Drinks claim that Sagres is bottled with Portuguese adventure and discovery – a clear ‘Yes’ from Team Coco. This alcohol free version boasts all the same fruity and malty flavours with absolutely no booze to be found. Perfect for lunchtime drinking without the guilty conscience.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%, available in pubs and supermarkets nationwide and online at Beer Pronto

Peroni’s alcohol free offering is the most loved No/Low Alcohol beer in the UK and in cracking open a fresh one, it’s not hard to see why. The same crispy and refreshing notes are hit while sticking with your new year’s resolution. Pop the cap and be transported to the Italian sunshine.

San Miguel 0,0 £3.70/4 bottles from supermarkets nationwide

Talking of travelling through taste, how about a jaunt to Spain with San Miguel’s sparkling pilsner? The same citrus taste notes are hit with their completely alcohol free version so you won’t even miss a night on the sauce.

Smashed Shandy £1.99, available in supermarkets and bars nationwide

Smashed offer a range of vegan alcohol free drinks, including 2 gluten free ciders but our pick is the zesty Shandy for that Sunday pub feel with none of the guilt. All their drinks start life as fully alcoholic (5% ABV) and the alcohol is then removed using Cool Vacuum Distillation – sounds fancy, right? What’s more, each bottle has less than 85 calories – get stuck in!


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