It’s not very often that we find fun ways of choosing stuff, but I’ve just found the best way to choose your new car.

Finding your new car can be a nightmare, constant searching on loads of different websites, but ultimately you just want to look like an absolute boss for the best price, am I right?

You might think Autotrader is for your parents, but they’ve just made leasing easy and fun with a little game of ‘Drive Like The Stars’.

For example, you could get the same Range Rover Evoque as Victoria Beckham for just £360 a month! £360 a month! Just to put that into perspective, for the same price as your car loan on something that’s only going to devalue in a couple of years anyway, you could get a Range Rover Evoque (!) and you can change it in two to four years.

Either way, this is the most fun way I’ve ever managed to convince myself that I can drive around like a celeb. If I’m not spending as much money on nights out and holidays abroad, then I’m spending it on staring at my amazing car on the driveway all day!

So, what cars do the celebs have and how much have they spent on their cars?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Toyota Prius Hybrid typically costs between £26,000 – £32,000 when bought outright, but you can get it for a tiny £288 per month with a lease.

Serena Williams’ Mini Cooper Hatch costs £24,990 when bought new and just £313 a month when leased.

Vicky B’s Range Rover Evoque could be £46,000 in full or £360 as a lease.

Jamie Oliver’s Land Rover Discovery costs £62,000 or £587 on a monthly leasing deal.

Harry Kane’s Jaguar F-Pace, would cost £44,431. Available for £513 a month on a leasing deal.

Stormzy Mercedes G-Wagon costs £93,250 when bought outright, but you could lease it for £1,534 per month.

Katie Price’s hot pink Range Rover could be yours for £850 a month, but could cost between £72,000 – £87,000.

Footballer Jordan Henderson predictably drives the Mercedes Benz AMG GT which costs £124,346 – butt if you had it, you could lease it for £1,796 a month.

Lorraine Kelly drives the eco-friendly Nissan Leaf. Just £253 per month when leased compared to £22,990 as a lump sum.

Roman Kemps’ Volkswagen Golf, would usually cost £26,323 when paid for in full but it’s available to lease for £254 a month.

To play Auto Trader’s Stars and their Cars game and look for your next celeb lease check out


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