This Rainbow Bowl will brighten up your Blue Monday

Launched on Blue Monday, Chotto Matte and Island Poké’s exclusive guest bowl will transform the saddest day of the year into a colourful one, using every colour on the spectrum to not only tantalise your taste buds, but also to help raise awareness about Mental Health.

Last week, we made our way to Chotto Matte to try out their new Chromotherapy menu.  A bold mix of flavour sensations that combines the restaurant’s signature Nikkei style cuisine with the science of chromotherapy. By combining the healing qualities of colour and mood elevating ingredients, Chef Jordan Sclare has created a menu that represents every colour of the rainbow, and with matching cocktails too! We start off with yellow, the colour of intelligence and creativity, which arrives by way of a hake and turmeric dish drizzled with yellow Peruvian corn sauce. This is followed by a Red plate of Tatami beef with fresh pomegranate and red pepper ponzu. Afterwards, the colour Green makes an appearance through a Japanese edamame rice hotpot, which enhances balance and harmony, and finally we ended with a  Violet acai sorbet and yoghurt dessert to inspire imagination and meditation. If you’re a fan of the good old R-O-Y-G-B-I-V, then you’ll definitely find something here to make your mouth water with Chotto Matte’s Chromotherapy Menu. And if that wasn’t enough, £1 of every bill from the Chromotherapy Menu will be donated to MIND charity, helping Londoners truly beat the Blue Monday blues.

In addition to the Chromotherapy Menu, Chotto Matte has also collaborated with Island Poké on a limited edition guest bowl that, you guessed it, combines all the colours of the colour wheel. The new Rainbow Bowl is a mixture of red jalapeño sea bass ceviche, den miso patron peppers, yuzu mayo, burnt corn salsa, fresh mango salsa, and crispy Peruvian corn kennels. The perfect balance of Chotto Matte’s Peruvian influence and Island Poké’s Hawaiian roots. Poké lovers rejoice!

Mental Health is something that everybody should be talking about, because more representation means less stigma. In support of this, the Island Poké x Chotto Matte Rainbow bowl will also donate a percentage of all proceeds to MIND Charity and their #blueanyday campaign. Reminding us that the conversation surrounding mental health should not just be limited to Blue Monday, but every single day. 

A percentage of sales from The Rainbow Bowl will go to MIND Charity

Chromotherapy Menu launched on 14th January 2019 and is Available every day in Chotto Matte until end of March. The Island Poké x Chotto Matte Rainbow Bowl launched on 21st January 2019 and is available everyday until end of February at any Island Poké location.

Hannah Lynn Tan

Hannah has been working in the fashion industry for over five years. A mainstay at London Fashion Week, Hannah not only has heaps of insider fashion knowledge, but a genuine understanding of the essentials of style

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